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Experience Cigars Like Never Before

Experience Cigars Like Never Before

Privada experience will allow us the privilege to dive deeper into the creative minds of the finest master blenders our industry has to offer and as importantly the ingredients they work with. Join us as we break down cigars to a level never seen before. Not only the country, not just the region, not just the strain but where possible even the farm the tobacco comes from.

Each cigar will come with notes from the master blender. They will discuss ingredients, their reasons for using them, and the sensations, aromas, and flavors they add to the experience.

This will also be the first time tasting notes are broken down visually to create the ultimate smoking experience that is Privada Experience. You will not only be able to follow along with written tasting notes but you will see the tasting notes come to life through master photography that will enhance the psychological smoking experience and provoke flavors in a new way. Privada Experience is another layer to cigar smoking experience and allows the smoker to begin to narrow down the tobaccos that truly speak to them on a deeper level.
Each cigar you receive in the Privada Experience program will come with a handwritten cigar band that notates the birth month of the cigar, the country of origin, and the master blender whose' work you will be sampling. Welcome to the best cigar experience the premium cigar industry has to offer, Privada Experience.

Layers Of Flavor

Every blender will tell you that the layers of a cigar add a different ratio of flavor and sensation to the smoking experience. Discerning smokers of the past have had the opportunity to find out who their favorite brand was. Privada Experience will take you deeper and allow you to find out not only who your favorite master blender is but where some of your favorite tobaccos come from. Where possible we will even know what farms they were cultivated on. 

Unparalleled Flavors

Privada Experience will also be the first time we get to see actual images of the flavor notes our expert tasters and curators found in each cigar. This will enhance the smoking experience and elevate the imagination thus stimulating the olFactory senses like never before. 

The Best Limited Experiences

Each cigar offering in Privada Experience will be limited. The offerings will change each quarter and the cigars will not be made again for the program. Each cigar band will be hand marked with the year and month the cigar was made and the master blender from whom it came. Most cigars are limited to only 500 cigars making this a truly unique and rare experience. 

AJ Fernandez
6 x 50 / 750 MADE

Chico Rivas Vivaldi
6 x 54 / 500 MADE

Jopito Gallo / Hendrik Kelner
5 x 50 / 800 MADE

Hugo Endemaño
5.5 x 52 / 500 MADE

Jopito / De La Cruz
4.5 x 44 / 500 MADE

Indiana Ortez
6 x 50 / 400 MADE

Papo El Caballo
5 x 50 / 500 MADE

5 x 50 / 500 MADE

Christian Eiroa
5 x 50 / 500 MADE

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