Aganorsa Leaf History Project by Privada Cigar Club Criollo 5.5×60 (Exclusive) Aged 4 years 


Tasting notes: First, the wrapper is a work of art. Pristine, smooth, oily and near seamless. I get dried apricot on the body along with butter and hay. Go smell some butter if you don’t believe me! The cold draw is Earl Gray tea, pepper and a sweetness. Once lit, sweet hay aroma, lingering black pepper, berries and charred cedar greet me with a warm welcome. The smoke becomes rich and buttery. There is a honey sweetness further in. Cedar, berries, white pepper, damp aged oak barrels and leather come in. At times I swear I get a fresh lemon squeeze note but berries run the show. Towards the end of the second third, the flavors mend together and create superb balance. Slat tingles the tongue, and on the retrohale I get a sarsaparilla (root beer) note. Into the final third it’s an oily, floral smoke, leather, orange blossom honey, syrupy sweetness and white pepper. In the end I get a few dashes of red pepper with all of the above mentioned flavors. I am damn near speechless on this one. I guess Aganorsa is what it’s cracked up to be.Paring notes: Dried apricot. Unsalted peanuts. Raisins. Craisins. White chocolate. No beer. After seafood. With tea and honey. White sipping rum. Colombian Rum. Smooth Moonshine. Cognac. Scotch. Sugar Babies.


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Aganorsa Leaf History Project by Privada Cigar Club Criollo 5.5×60 (Exclusive) Aged 4 years 

I got a call one day from the Aganorsa Farm in Nicaragua. It was a really nice guy named Terence who currently runs Aganorsa Leaf. If you are not familiar with Aganorsa, here’s the quick synopsis: Some cigar enthusiasts believe Aganorsa grows the finest tobacco in the industry. They certainly have very unique and rich, flavorful stuff. They roll for brands like Illusione, for example. Terence and I begin to talk about making a line of cigars for PCC. Not just an exclusive but a house cigar for Privada, by Privada, found no where else. That is now in the works, my friends! Meanwhile, I start thinking about how many cigars they must have sitting around and how many projects they have done through the years that either were not paid, or the band was off and never sold, or who knows what else. The cigar business is notorious for these kinds of blunders, which is great for us! I asked several times to check the aging rooms. Finally Terence came back to me with two different cigars. There are not enough of each for every member. However, combined, each of us can have one of the two. The cigar you received is a Criollo wrapper and Aganorsa Farm (Nicaraguan) fillers. My friends, this is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked in a long time. I cannot believe I’m saying that about a 60 ring gauge. I guess every blend really does have its own perfect Vitola. 4 years of age made it a gentleman’s smoke. Enjoy!

Shout @aganorsaleaf out on social media heavy…they deserve alot more credit for making some of the best Nicaraguan cigars the world has to offer!


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