Aganorsa Leaf History Project by Privada Cigar Club Maduro 5×52 (Exclusive) aged 4 years 


Tasting notes: On the body I clearly smell beef jerky. It’s also sweet and earthy. Same thing on the foot. For the cold draw its chocolate and natural tobacco. Once lit, I am met with black cherry, black pepper, smooth and creamy yet tingly smoke and Challah bread note. I’m sensing flavor bomb. Cinnamon, leather and black cherry. There are other nuances of flavors my friend Clark refers to as phantom flavors, (which are my favorite) taking my mind to all sorts of aroma memories. Into the second I get chocolate brioche bread, pinot noir wine and smoothness. Cool, tingly smoke with a creamy texture and dark flavors that make me say chocolate but also remind me of a creme brulet at the same time. DELICIOUS. This is a cigar I would offer a chef or a food critic. Later I get fig and cocoa, sweet breads, cooling menthol like smoke, lime zest, hazelnut or cashew and the black cherry that was dominant coming and going. This cigar is proof that Aganorsa is NO JOKE!!

Pairing notes: Peanut butter chips (for cookies), Hershey’s Chocolate, Dried Cherries, Pound cake, Chocolate babka bread. After a steak or ribs. With a Rye bourbon. Cognac, Armegnac or dark aged rum. Porter beer. Pinot Noir. Try eating anything back cherry flavored two hours prior.

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Aganorsa Leaf History Project by Privada Cigar Club Maduro 5×52 (Exclusive) aged 4 years 

I got a call one day From the Aganorsa Farm in Nicaragua. It was a really nice guy named Terence. He runs Aganorsa leaf now. If you are not familiar with Aganorsa, get familiar. Some cigar enthusiasts believe Aganaorsa to be growing the finest tobacco in the industry. They certainly have very unique and rich, flavorful stuff. They roll for brands like Illisuione if that helps. Terence and I begin to talk about making a line of cigars for Privada. Not just an exclusive but a house cigar, for Privada, by Privada, found no where else. That is happening my friends! Meanwhile, I start thinking about how many cigars they must have sitting around and how many projects they have done through the years that either were not paid for or who knows what happened…alot of mistakes happen in this business…which is great for us! I asked several times to check the aging rooms. Finally Terence came back to me with two different cigars. There are not enough of each for every member however, combined, each of us can have one of the two. You my lucky friend received the maduro robusto. Dark and sexy, perfectly constructed and aged superbly. It doesn’t get much better than this. An absolute JOY to smoke. One of my favorite this year so far!



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