Aganorsa Supreme Leaf Limited Edition


Tasting Notes: Prelight, I get natural dried fruits on the body that remind me of organic fruit roll ups. The foot has a slightly spicy mushroom earth and the cold draw is burnt sour dough pretzel. LOVE it! Upon first light, I am met with a very full body. A bit unbalanced at first (this will change drastically). Heavy on the pepper, especially in the retrohale. As the cigar burns a bit I am met with green apple, black pepper, cedar and vanilla. There is still a very intense cinnamon on the finish and in the flavor. Wow the green apple is nice. It starts as a sour sensation, but then turns sweet and fruity. At times I want to say I get slight bread and slight leather. As the 2nd third approaches, floral notes start to dominate and the cinnamon and pepper spice are still full but easing into more balance. The cigar is sweet yet smoky, like a peated scotch. There is a mineral metallic sensation at times. Smokey oak and cocoa. The midway point comes and this is where it starts to shine. The cigar has mellowed and the minerals and earth kick up a notch. There are sweet sour apples, wonderful woods like oak and cedar, dried herbs and vanilla. As the cigar comes to a close I get floral syrups, coffee and caramel, followed by major nuttiness. The smoke is so rich and creamy at this point. Butter cream, chocolate and nuts close out the stick. What an adventure this cigar was. Smoke this after a meal, with spirits or coffee. Pairing Notes: Red meat. Dark roast coffee. Caramel mousse. Caramel coffee drinks. Try a sliced green apple about 30 minutes prior to smoking with some bourbon or scotch or cognac. Cognac all day. Scotch from Islay. Lagers. Possibly even a pale ale but be careful. Chocolate cakes and desserts. Chocolate milkshake. PLEASE, pretty please. Make this cigar a success. Aganorsa has been a huge supporter of the club and they will reward us even further if we show them Privada is strong enough to make a cigar successful. Call your local brick and mortars and ask for SUPREME LEAF. Post pictures and show these guys love the PRIVADA way @aganorsaleaf #weareprivada

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Aganorsa, known for growing the finest Nicaraguan tobacco, called me recently. They wanted to discuss a limited edition release they were working on. They know from their experience with us that Privada members shine a light on their products like nothing else in the industry. So they wanted to share that very cigar with our club members. One problem: As they told Halfwheel cigar blog, they only made 5,000. So I said, not a problem, we will just have to take them all. This is the first batch they made of this cigar. They will release another 5,000. If you see one online for sale or on social media, it is not the first batch. Only Privada members get that and I couldn’t be happier about it. First let’s take a look at the colors. The boxes and bands really stand out. This is not something Aganorsa Leaf typically does. They felt that for a cigar this bold in flavor it really needed to stand out on shelves. If you love this cigar, write them emails, direct messages and let them know at any cigar event they attend that you want them to make more! I think it’s about time Aganorsa got the credit they deserve. Let’s not forget half of our favorite brands come out of their farms. This is a beautiful box press. It sports orange, purple and cream on the band. The name Supreme Leaf is also a bold statement. I’d have a nice hearty meal before lighting this up and I wouldn’t smoke it first thing in the morning.


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