Black Bird Cigar Co. The Rio Aged 2.5 years

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Tasting notes: On the body, aside from a light cocoa and fermented tobacco, there is hardly any scent. On the foot it’s more of the same with some vinegar tartness added. The cold draw, however, has an array of flavors from vegetal to creamy cashew and an earthy umami. Based on the prelight notes, I’m not expecting much when I light, but then I’m hit with a BOOM! It’s a blast of breads, black pepper, chocolate and charcoal wrapped in a sweet creamy smoke! It’s deep and dark, almost a sarsaparilla like root. I may be crazy but the sweetness and the darkness sort of remind me of a dark chocolate covered cherry or dark chocolate and Welch’s grape jelly. There’s also some leather, cocoa, a charred wood, raisins, and black pepper on the finish. The dark sweetness then transitions into dates, roasted nuts, dark chocolate and slight black pepper. VERY reminiscent of a Padron! This thing is outrageous. There’s an under layer of dark herbs, a sweet sensation on the tongue reminding me of dark brandy, black pepper, leather and dried fruits. Later in the second third, sweet and salty floral notes appear, more prune-like dried fruits, cocoa, leather, espresso and then salty peanuts. Near the finally third, everything starts to meld together in a good way. The berries are becoming more muted but the sweetness is still there-almost like a freeze dried berry. Cocoa notes are still prevalent along with the charred wood/charcoal. It ends with some savory flavors, like salted peanuts and herbs with slight sweetness and light white pepper. The last few puffs are super bready, making for a perfectly rounded experience. 

Pairing notes: Starbucks dark roast coffee or espresso. Sarsaparilla or root beer. Adult root beer. Dark Chocolate. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Peanut butter pretzels. Chocolate stout beers. Cognac. Rye bourbon. After eating lamb chops. After a chocolate pie. With white chocolate nibs for balance. Shout out @blackbirdcigar on the gram!

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Black Bird Cigar Co. The Rio

Aged 2.5 years

Black Bird Cigar Co. called me a few months ago. They enjoyed the love you all showed them on the Fast Eddie. They sent samples of an aged cigar they had in their factory. The wrapper is from Brazil. Their team loves the cigar very much and have been smoking them for personal consumption but due to FDA regulations, cannot sell the blend with their branding on it. We will be seeing a lot of cigars with this similar story between now and May. I call it the RIO. I love this ribbon on it. The color, the Christ the Redeemer statue and the font. DOPE. Collectible. Rare. Exclusive. Aged. Sounds perfect for Privada! It has a rare combination of Brazilian wrapper and Brazilian binder. Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. Aged 2.5 years in the Dominican republic. Just sitting there in the beautiful Caribbean Island waiting to be picked by me, to be shipped to you. All for your enjoyment with its beautifully dark and toothy wrapper. Let’s get into the notes.

1 review for Black Bird Cigar Co. The Rio Aged 2.5 years

  1. KEN ROBERTS (verified owner)

    A near-perfect cigar for my taste!!!
    The ONLY change I would make is to add just a bit of honey to its already smooth, full, creamy flavors.
    I purchased two of these based upon Privada’s description: “It has a rare combination of Brazilian wrapper and Brazilian binder.”
    As far as I knew, only Cuban tobacco gave me a distinctive “lump” in my throat (and an occasional hiccup), which I enjoy.
    And then I met Avelino Lara (Castro’s personal cigar guru and the man behind the Cohiba brand) at Graycliff in Nassau.
    He was personally rolling cigars and I told him how I know an authentic Cuban cigar because of the “lump” in my throat
    they give me.
    He nodded that he understood, smiled, and rolled me a torpedo . . . .
    I fired it up and, yep: the lump!!
    “This is Cuban tobacco!” I told him.
    He shook his head and said “No: Brazilian”!!!
    And I’ve been on the hunt for cigars with Brazilian tobacco ever since . . . .
    This Rio not only fits the bill; it delivers!!!

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