Black Label Trading Co. S&R 2018 limited release


Tasting Notes: Before lighting, I get sweet maple syrup, almost French toast like on the body. Natural tobacco and hay with brown sugar on the foot. Cold draw is dried apricots and reminds me of a Cuban cigar with pepper on the lips. The cigar starts out with super sweet brown sugar and blast of black pepper. I cannot emphasize how sweet this is along with black pepper and licorice root. I’m getting some cedar and nutmeg as well. As we progress I get the sense of the nutmeg picking up and the pepper dying down. Caramel cream, bakers spice and perfect amounts of pepper take me into the second third. Further in, there’s a  cedar aroma and crispness like a green apple tartness on the tongue. Charred maple, vanilla extract and has a  creamy twangy smoke. Even further in, I get heavy cedar, smooth yet tangy smoke with dark deep berries, smoked applewood bacon and burnt caramel. Towards the end I get caramel, green apple tartness, tons of white pepper, herbal notes like dried basil, licorice, oak and dried fruits. I’m so impressed with this cigar. Pairing notes: Cognac. Aged Dark Rum. Caramel. Porter/stout beer. Brie Cheese. Cherries. Cheesecake. Dark Chocolate.

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Black Works S&R 2018 Limited Release Lancero 

This is a Sumatran wrapper around Nicaraguan binder and filler plus some Dominican filler. The ring gauge is right where I like it: 42, which makes it a Lonsdale, not a Lancero. Black Works Studio is part of the Black Label Trading Co. family of cigars. James and Angela Brown, two of the most interesting people in the industry, run the company. They are married, live in Nicaragua full time running their factory and have lived in Africa and other parts of South and Central America. James is a Sommelier and has a great palate. I don’t love everything they do, but some of their Black Label Trading cigars are winners to the highest level and I believe this to be one of them. Not the rarest cigar in the box, as we do have them for sale on our shop site, but these are from 2018 and are the first release. Most of what you will find at B&Ms will be the new release from 2019. The blend is the same but the cigar does taste distinctly different. James is a huge DIY guy. He does his own art work, blending and oversees the entire manufacturing process. I have a feeling Angela runs the business side of things. When you purchase anything from their brands it is kind of like having a guy in Nicaragua who makes you cigars. He cares and it shows. I’m unsure how many were produced in 2018 but it doesn’t seem to be more then 5-10,000. 



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