Caldwell Long Live The King Maduro Mad MotherF$cker UN-BANDED Corona (Never Released)


Caldwell Long Live The King Maduro

Mad MotherF$cker UNBANDED

(never released)

Members, what you are holding in your hand is a mistake! These were the first batch of LLTK MADMF. When they arrived in Miami, Robert Caldwell took a look in the box and realized they had no double band to reflect what it is 1. A Maduro version of the original stick and 2. A limited edition. If you know Robert, you’d know he probably had some choice words for his people back in DR. And here we are, the only cigar smokers in the game with a non double band LLTK MADMF. SCORE. Take a picture for the records because for many of us, this is a pretty awesome stick to have! Now on to the stick. This is a San Andres wrapper around an Indonesian binder and filled with Dominican, Nicaraguan and Pennsylvanian tobaccos. Yes please! Before lighting, I get leather and hay on the body and barnyard, sweet tobacco on the foot. I want to start by saying I typically hate a firm draw. But lately, the firm draws have been surprisingly enjoyable. With a firm draw, the flavors become less in your face, but easier to detect and more dynamic/layered. This cigar was no exception. Both samples I cut open had firmer draws than I normally like and both were worthy of being in your box!



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This beauty starts out with frosted sweetness, oak wood, light black pepper and leather. The smoke starts out dry in a good way and leaves the mouth tingling. As I’m winding down towards the end of the first third I start wondering why I dislike a firm draw. This is spectacular. I get something of a mesquite BBQ. It is meaty, zesty and has a twang. At the second third I start to get notes of charred oak, lime salt, pepper and caramel. For the 2nd time in my smoking career I get a sour candy note. Most people would probably describe it as a salty/tangy note but it reminds me of the first burst of a sour candy in your mouth. Each puff of this cigar starts to change. I had to smoke it twice and once with another person to clarify…both times, same experience. I’m on a palate adventure. Artificial almond flavor, pepper, toasty oak again, frosted sugar and black tea. Mesquite comes back, burnt brown sugar (caramel), a new twang and my mouth feels a bit more numb than usual. There are floral notes, cocoa notes and even notes of vanilla. In the end, the flavors start to mend into a dark, sweet and somehow flowery and peppery flavor bomb. WOW.

Pairing Notes: After red meat or lamb chops, scotch from the lowlands like Auchentoshan, stone fruits, Sour beer, strawberry shortcake.




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