Caldwell The T Connecticut 1st Release Edition

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Tasting notes: Toast, butter, orange/citrus, black pepper, cedar, creamy notes of twang and satisfying smoke Pairing notes: Scotch, Jack Daniels, after desert or with dark chocolate Brian’s Notes: I fell in love with the looks of the stick and wanted every member to have them before most stores do. It’s a great stick in the new and noteworthy category and beginning of boutique brands going full force at CT shade wrapper cigars. Show it off and enjoy!

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Caldwell The T Connecticut (1st release edition, the original release)

It’s July of 2018. I’m at an event with 1 mission. Meet Matt Booth. It’s LA, Sherman Oaks to be exact, 7pm and still hot. The venue is the cigar warehouse and it is fairly packed. I’m with my wife, we walk up to Matt Booth and I say “Hey Matt, I’m Brian From Privada” the hand he extended quickly turns into a hug and a fast friendship ensued. We talk about cigars for an hour and then into my hands he places the most beautiful cigar I’ve seen in awhile. Now,  that cigar is can be in your hands. My job is complete. This is why I do this! That orange band, the yellow double band…that wrapper…damn this thing is gorgeous. What else can you expect when AJ Fernandez, Matt Booth and Robert Caldwell put their minds together?


1 review for Caldwell The T Connecticut 1st Release Edition

  1. phsher66 (verified owner)

    Good flavors, it certainly has a tangy taste to it with a lot of strong pepper on the retro hale. Amazing smoke output and a very smooth draw. Once again Brian has found a winner, give it a try, you wont be disappointed!

    • privadacigarclub

      Thank you for the review! This was an excellent stick and we are proud to have been the first to introduce this stick before it was available to the general public.

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