CAO Sparkplug V450 2014 Vintage


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CAO V450 Spark plug 2014 Aged 5 years

Honestly, I can’t believe I’m doing this.  I promised myself I would not sell this. Ive stashed 18 boxes of these and because of a miscalculation I’m getting rid of 14 of them!! Yes you can find this cigar in other places. But not the original release. This is in all honesty, my favorite daily smoking cigar. It is a cigar that on a night of trying duds, where you light a cigar and its plugged or the flavors weren’t full enough for you and so you try something else and nothing seems to satisfy, I put them all out and spark this. It is my ace in the hole, my old faithful, my reliable little 450 spark plug. First, the packaging is really cool. It took it as a gimmick at first and wrote the cigar off. Second its got the hardest box press Ive just about ever seen. The wrapper is old school super thick broadleaf before broadleaf was the leaf of choice they used it on this. It was cheap back then. Next they did something also odd, they used a Connecticut shade leaf for the binder…who does that? Then they filled it with Nicaraguan tobacco. I cannot tell you how perfect I think this cigar is. Lastly, who the heck uses a pig tail foot? This cigar has been slept on. Don’t go telling everyone about this stick, it’s our secret!! Tasting notes: On the shaft I get a funky barnyard pungent note and underneath a deep earth and chocolate. Once lit the broadleaf gives you a full blast of white pepper. But right from the go, you notice the flavors are unlike other cigars. There is an amazing amount of beautiful herbs in this like rosemary and thyme and oregano. There is no shortage of pepper but it smooths out and leaves room for so much more depth. The angular body makes smoking it feel different too. There is sweetness and spice and herbs and dried fruits. IT really doesn’t get more satisfying then this. I smoke this down to the nub every time. Pairing notes: Dried fruits. Caramel. Deep red wines. Lamb chops. Cherry pie. Peanut butter mousse. Scotch (lowlands), chilled cognac, peanut butter cup, Irish beer, after Brazilian or middle eastern barbecue.


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