Crux Epicure Short Salamon Limited Edition (Rated 91 on


Tasting notes: On the body I get the smell of a slice of generic wheat bread, some hay and roasted nuts on the foot, as well as a little cocoa. Another sample gives me a dried fruit tartness and apricot on the foot. Initially the stick starts out with bread notes, almonds, latte and white pepper. I get this interesting note of unsweetened cereal like a Special K. The pepper gets fuller and turn to black pepper but feels even more zing on the retrohale. This is not a light body cigar. There is a creamy, salty, cereal and sour dough bread with heavy pepper through the retro, as well as yeast, vanilla, leather and floral tinge. The sour starts to remind me of a lemon merengue. Toasty, creamy, lemon with floral undertones. The bread notes come back and mellow the stick out in its descent. In the end I get milk chocolate on some puffs, coconut essence on others and then the lemony floral notes come in and out with leather in the mix. Pairing notes: light roast coffee, Twix, chocolate stout or porter beer, scotch or Irish whiskey, lighter rums or a cognac, tiramisu, Ferrero Rocher or Steak

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Crux Epicure
Short Salamon Limited Edition

This isn’t quite a club exclusive, but you won’t see it often or ever again. We bought most of the 5,000 sticks Crux produced. Let’s first gawk at this stick like a super model strutting down the runway. How beautiful is this stick? Yes it is a Connecticut but its no mild cigar. It’s as beautiful a smoke as its appearance. Crux is a brand I never really got to smoke until starting the club. I called them up and they were very interested in seeing that members get this limited edition, highly rated, short Salamon version of their Epicure blend. It’s a very expensive Connecticut shade Ecuadorian leaf wrapped around Nicaraguan binder and fillers. Crux swears by the tobacco they use and have owned shops for over 20 years in the midwest, so I think they know what they are talking about…but you can be the judge. If you love this stick take a picture and shout them out on Instagram! @cruxcigars and dont forget @privadacigarclub



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