El Gran Preferido


El Granjero Preferido-The Gran

A while back we discovered the wonderful world of El Granjero. The mystical, possibly mythical Cuban master blender and tobacco farmer who, under the protection of Saudi royalty, was allowed to leave Cuba. In short, the story goes that this is the man who rolls the Instagram famous KSA cigars. He apparently has access to tobacco from any island he pleases and uses Cuban tobacco in ways never blended before. The cigars he gives us are one off. These are projects he worked on for Saudi royalty and are either left over, rejected or blended using tobaccos from other projects. I do not know who he is. I work through a broker to acquire these cigars. I do not get to sample them before purchasing. I just have to have faith, after our first project with them, that the goods are going to be good. El Granjero’s new farm is supposedly on the pan handle of Florida. Surprisingly this is not the first time tobacco for cigars is being grown on the pan handle. Through out history other companies grew there including farmers affiliated with J C Newman. El Granjero’s story is romantic, tragic and magical. Regardless of the back story, I always see unique blends and unique sizes. Our last cigar we got from him was a box pressed salamon. I had never seen that before. As for this cigar, let’s dig in. P.S. I’ve been asked that we don’t use the El Granjero name on social media. They want ZERO attention. I think calling this The Gran is good code, so feel free to use THE GRAN when posting.

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Tasting Notes: The body of this cigar is earthy like sweet soil and a hint of honey. The cold draw is rich tobacco and sweetness similar to the honey note I mentioned. Once lit I am met with cereal notes, cardamom/clove, woody and spicy smoke that develop into leather and oats. Bread starts to pick up as I enter the 2nd third. The cigar becomes fuller as the ring gauge gets larger. Can we take a second to admire this perfect shape? It reminds me of a cartoon cigar or an old gangster movie cigar. Further in, I get more breads, red pepper, herbs and cinnamon. There are nice wood notes as well as more of the leather and tinge of floral.In the final third the bread turns more toasty, the wood becomes a more pronounced oak, leather is still in the mix and the cigar is becomes more full with other lighter notes of earth and spice. The construction is PHENOMENAL.

Pairing notes: Any whiskey/bourbon/rye or scotch. A good pilsner or lager. This is a great campfire stick so after a meal of BBQ or baked beans, or with nice cup of medium roast coffee. Rice pudding. Caramel mousse. A nib of white chocolate.


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