El Titan De Bronze & Padilla CORONACITA


Ernesto Padilla was combing through the aging rooms of El Titan De Bronze when he stumbled upon the cutest little cigar he ever did see. Upon smoking this little guy, his jaw hit the floor. He then called me to tell me about the cigar. “You will love this. The members will go ape $hit.”  I replied ” but its too small for the club”. He then replied “Yea and they only have 400 of them”! I bought them sight unseen and I’m so glad I did. This is the best small cigar Ive ever had. I call it the CORONACITA. It’s an intermission cigar. The perfect smoke for when time is limited! They come in bundles of 5. Ive got 78 bundles but I’ll only sell 60 of them. Some things I just cannot part with.

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Each pack has 5 Coronacitas in it. Consider this my personal stash.


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