Espinosa Habano Torpedo Event Only Cigar Aged 1 year


Espinosa Habano Torpedo Event Only Cigar Aged 1 year

You had to be at an event in Miami to get the opportunity to buy this cigar. Perks of being a Privada member! You may have seen this blend or band, but not quite like this and never in this exact size/vitola.

Erik Espinosa. A mans man. True to his word and as real as they come. Espinosa has been in the cigar game for 21 years now. He started working for brands like Drew Estate. Eventually he started his own brand with Don Pepin himself. After a good run together, they parted ways. Now I smoked Espinosa back in 2014. I liked their stuff but never found myself reaching for it. Over the past year or so members have been emailing me saying Have to try Espinosa. Some have even sent me Espinosa cigars. After smoking several of the samples, I have to say, something must have changed because I don’t remember them being this damn good! I think all of us hear about how great Tatuaje was around 2013-2015. Well these cigars Espinosa is making now remind me of that time. There is something unique, a dynamic flavor that you cannot quite name, and that my friends is what makes a brand POP. All of the lines I have tried recently have been unique with their own flavor and at the same time consistent within the brand. I am now a fan of Espinosa. And that is before meeting the man! I put a post on Instagram to tag Espinosa if you want them to make an exclusive cigar for us and less than a week later, Erik Espinosa was at my home. Pretty amazing thing you all have created here. Your voice is heard. Now let’s get into the cigar.


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Tasting Notes: On the body, there’s honey, leather, raisins, black tea, and dried apricots. On the foot, there is a very strong smell of dried peaches. The cold draw has dried apricots, and salt on the mouth. As soon as I light this cigar, I’m getting cocoa, leather, honey, a strong presence of red clay, and marjoram. There’s no pepper but there’s a tingle like the tingle that pepper would leave. I start getting a sweet pine or herbal taste, sweet cream coffee, and apple wood. The texture becomes syrupy and there’s a sarsaparilla note that reminds me of birch beer or some kind of root cola. I’m getting a dried walnut, coca-cola, nuts and a black cherry. The clay I was tasting earlier is gone now. I’m getting leather at the start of the second third, and the smoke is still very syrupy but more in a Cherry RC Cola kind of way. I’m tasting Chile powder or cayenne, root beer, dank wood (like if you took the Spanish cedar from inside a humidor and over-moisturized it), and bread. The dynamic range on this thing is insane…there are too many transitions to count. The start of the final third has lots of floral and pepper tones. I’m getting white bread, a saltiness on the retrohale, and woodiness. The pepper on this thing is definitely starting to kick back up again. Right before I put it out, I’m tasting honey, wheat, black pepper, and cola. WOW! This cigar has been an experience. Get ready for tons of transitions in this cigar! Pairing notes: Vanilla flavored anything. Bourbon. Coke. Bourbon and coke. Coffee with cream and sugar. Espresso. Cognac. Cabernet Sauvignon. Root beer. Root beer barrels. Root beer float. After a good burger with fries. Black tea with honey. Shout out @espinosacigars on Instagram and let them know we want more from them!


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