Espinosa Laranja Reserva 6×56 Box Press Exclusive


Tasting Notes: On the body I get dried apricots and maple syrup. The foot has natural, rich tobacco. The cold draw is salty with red pepper finish. First puffs, yup, the orange note is there. Toast and sweetness prevail as well along with some slight pepper. Further in, sweet honey, cedar, vegetal notes and heavy toast are present. The smoke is syrupy. The second third changes up. The orange turns to more of an orange blossom honey. The wood notes are damp and less cedar more oak. Theres this phantom flavor I get that reminds me of grape jelly on a few puffs. Herbal tea/green tea. It’s sweet, salty and umami for sure. The floral notes are ever present as well. This thing is dynamic and complex. In the final third I am left with citrus notes, oak, herbal and earthy layers of smoke with a hint of cocoa. Fine cigar here, ladies and gents. Pairing Notes: Tea with honey. Caramel anything. Blue Moon beer with an orange slice. Trigo de Laranja ale. Bufalo Trace, Weller or any wheated bourbon. After a big breakfast of eggs, toast and pancakes with syrup. Coffee with cream and sugar. Dark rum. Dark chocolate.

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Espinosa Laranja Reserva 6×56 Box Press Exclusive

Wrapper: Brazilian Laranja. Binder: Nicaraguan. Filler: Nicaraguan. Factory: La Zona (Estelí, Nicaragua). Erik Espinosa is a true boss. No bs with this guy. One of the most awarded blends he ever made is Laranja. Brazilian hybrid wrapper, smooth with some spice, sweet as honey and toastier then whole wheat on a skillet with butter. He named the wrapper after the Portuguese word for orange because of the distinctive color of the leaf. His favorite color. There is also a craft beer called Trigo de Laranja made by Khoffner brewery in Fort Lauderdale, FL that is designed to be the perfect pairing for this cigar. The beer has strong orange essence to it. The cigar has been highly rated with multiple scores in the 90’s across many review sites. I have to say, the size is perfect. He made it for an event. There were 500 made, he had 120 left over and that is what you are smoking! 


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