Illusione Cruzado Elitas Aged 5 Years


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Illusione Cruzado Elitas
Aged 4.5 years Nicaraguan Criollo Rosado leaf wrapper over Nicaraguan binder and filler. So we called Illusione and said “Hey we’re Privada Cigar Club” and the guy on the phone said “Yea we know all about you. Glad you called” That was a great start. So I explained the club was founded on rare and aged sticks and the guy said “we have a war chest of things like that”. We went over his supply and picked the oldest, medium ring gauge stick he has. This is what you are holding. It’s called a Cruzado Elitas. This particular Elitas is aged 4.5 years- To absolute perfection. I want to say this about the Cruzado: aged this way, it may be the best all around cigar the club has had yet. I’m not saying you will like it more than some of your favorites. I’m saying all around, body, flavor, strength and construction…it’s a 94-95 rating in my book. I like other cigars we have had more (not many) but If I had to choose only one stick to give to a person in a contest, this would probably be it. Let’s PLEASE blast our Illusione on Instagram. Let them know we appreciate their support so we can get more of their “War Chest” sticks.
Tasting notes: Powdery, black pepper, leather, floral. There’s a funky note to this at times like you get from a goat cheese, oak, sweetness and tanginess like apricot. The floral note goes violet/ purple at times reminding me of grape jelly near the middle. This is a cigar I would give someone who only smokes cubans and say “I told you so”.
Pairing notes: Desert. Cake, Pie maybe a red wine or lite beer/ pilsner. Have this with your leftover pumpkin pie and whip cream if you are lucky.


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