NEW** Robusto Version-Lost and Found Cigars Paradise Lost Circa 2014 Aged 5 years


The body of this cigar smells like straight chocolate. I get hay and sweetness on the foot. I light up and my palate gets savory and sweet flavors along with cereal notes (think corn flakes) and aromatic fruits, not dried but like a bowl of fruit. As I smoke on the cereal starts to remind me of Honey Combs cereal. I get powdery smoke with perfumed notes. Further down I get notes of a sweet bread and incense wood. Later cocoa, pepper and creamy aromatic smoke come in. I still get a perfume like aroma, which makes me think of raspberry jam also but it doesn’t last very long before going back to what I can only describe as perfume again. The cigar finishes with a buttered popcorn note. SEE! Aging a cigar can create dynamics that just were not there at first. Should I smoke it or save it? Most members have this question on their minds often…

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Lost and Found Cigars Paradise Lost Circa 2014 Aged 5 years

Robert Caldwell…Matt Booth…roaming the rain forests of the Dominican Republic…whilst haggling with multiple factories spot a recurring theme: the aging rooms are filled with unmarked product. Some are from as early as the early 2000s! This is how Lost and Found was born. Sold in limited quantities due to how rare and in some case unknown or forgotten the blend of tobaccos are, the mystery and the age sure make this brand a lot of fun to smoke. This is a Corona Gorda 6×48 from what I can tell. Oh, by the way, no one else, no store, no one…and I mean no one has this cigar as of now. They will, well not a lot of people because the whole run was only 2,177 cigars… but you got it first. The wrapper is Habano, the binder Sumatra and the fillers are from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. If you inspect the band closely you’ll see a silhouette of both Booth and Caldwell, which I find very funny.

Pairing Notes: Medium roast coffee, lager beers, rum, caramel candies or after a breakfast of waffles and fruit. Tell @caldwellcigars and @lostandfoundcigars what you think…


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