Lost and Found La Whatever Corona Gorda


Lost and Found La Whatever Corona Gorda

So, let’s recap what Lost and Found is. L&F is a group of cigar manufacturers lead by Robert Caldwell. They go through factories in the DR, Nicaragua and Miami, foraging for cigars that for whatever reason were never picked up, forgotten about or just didn’t sell. You may think to yourself, if someone did not pick them up or they didn’t sell, they probably are not very good. But that has not been the case. So far every L&F we have had has been pretty phenomenal and this is no exception. In fact it is quite possible this cigar is not only in my top 5 of the year, but my top 5 of all time. Yeah, I said that. Now let’s talk about the name of this stick, La Whatever. The name was totally lost on me until I figured it out by reading the rest of the band. Basically it’s poking fun at all the cigars that come out every year called the La something or other…La marina…La peligrosa etc and so forth. The writing on the band states: This is not a dig on the greats, this is a dig on the dig of the greats. So there you have it. I know nothing about this cigar or what it was in a former life, but I do know it cost over $15 per stick and it came from one of the world’s most premier cigar manufacturers…that’s all I can say.


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Tasting Notes: I get dried peaches and apricots with some cereals on the body. On the foot I get nuts and tea.The cold draw is apricot. The first 3rd is Nougat, cereal, white pepper and floral notes. I start to get heavy toasted hazelnut as well. There are other notes of white toast, air popped popcorn, sweetness that reminds me f sprees candies at times that also remind me of frozen raspberries. Creamy, creamy smoke on this one. Second third I get the sweet cereals, imagine special K with sugar, dark currant/berries notes, dark chocolate, white buttered toast, leather, Lemmon, pepper and sourdough bread. In the final 3rd toasted nuts, white pepper, sweet and creamy smoke, its got salt and sour dough notes along with a citrus, it often gets so sweet it reminds me of sugar tipped cigars which is actually a classic Cuban style. Burned toast, citrus, florals, popcorn, salty, creamy, leathery…the list goes on HOLY cow….Pairing Notes: Lindt chocolate, butterscotch, cognac, aged rum, Fruity beers, light roast coffee, Jack Daniels, pop corn, sushi, lobster or shrimp. I feel like this would be especially good after fried chicken or shrimp. Shout out the L&F crew on Instagram and Spirited Smoke @lostandfoundcigars.


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