Matt Booth Micro Batch Privada Cigar Club Exclusive 2020


Room 101 Micro Batch Exclusive Original Blend

Back at it again! Matt Booth, one of the first people in the industry to believe in the club. I released this cigar almost 1 year ago to date. It looked and smoked exactly the same. And as long as the tobaccos are available, we will do it every year from now on. This was the FIRST exclusive cigar the club ever made. We also released a torpedo about 6 months ago that had the same exact band. It was NOT this cigar. I wish I had not done that because I feel like it confused some people and possibly took away from the mystique of the annual exclusive, but what the heck, live and learn right? Plus, I’m amongst friends here, so I can afford to let things flow and see what happens once in a while. The torpedo was a great cigar, aged almost 4 years. But it was not this. I also want to note that you should smoke this- don’t save it. Yes it will run out of stock in our online shop this year, but this is a cigar that I feel smokes better fresh. I pulled out an original the other day and while I enjoyed it, I think this smokes better and I remember liking it more last year when they were fresh as well, but you be the judge. Let’s talk about Matt for a moment. Jewelry designer turned cigar maker with his own gin company as well. He started his career in the big leagues with Davidoff. He was to be their star rookie blender and brand and they groomed him as such. They also messed with his artistic integrity and like most large corporations with multiple heads of departments, they made the art of making cigars a political nightmare. See the movie Ford v Ferrari with Christian Bale and Matt Damon if you need an example. There is something so simple and creative and beautiful that happens when an artist or craftsman is left to his own time and free will. That is Matt Booth. After leaving Davidoff and dealing potential law suits and non competes he started making cigars in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera William. This is where he made things like Death Bucket and it’s the reason why they aged for so long before release. He was distributed by Caldwell at this time. About 3 months ago he moved distribution to La Palina. Caldwell and Booth are great friends. The Room 101 commercial brand needed a more evenly distributed network and it just worked out for everyone. Now let’s talk about the cigar! Wrapper: HVA, Binder: Sumatra, Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican C98 and Criollo. Last year went something like this:


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Tasting notes: Prelight, the body and foot have cocoa butter, while the cold draw gives hints of black tea, bread, wood and more cocoa butter. First third is cinnamon, vanilla, cedar and white pepper. Deeper in, I get transitions of pine wood, candied ginger, mustiness like a wet pine tree and light simple syrup on the tongue. The smoke becomes powdery, the ginger is there again along with syrup on the tongue, cinnamon, dijon mustard on the retro and vanilla. It’s a cooling smoke, like a menthol. The woods are turning to sweet oak and there is citrus similar to a light sugared lemon. In the middle, salty roasted peanuts show up along with leather, syrup, lemon zest, smokey charred cedar and vanilla. In the final 3rd the woods turn to charcoal. The spice is just right proving you don’t need a pepper blast to create those sensations we all love. There is earthiness, salt, cinnamon, vanilla, charred woods, menthol coolness and maple syrup. This is better than last year’s original.

Pairing notes: White ale, amber lager, cognac/ brandy, Scotch, grilled seafood, white pizza or after desert. I feel like I would enjoy this after a vanilla fudge sundae with peanuts and whipped cream! It would also be amazing after a dessert of peach cobbler or really anything peach flavored will go extremely well with this from beers, to peaches and cream to dried peaches. Well done Mr. Booth! Let’s show love the Privada way @room101cigars on the ‘Gram! This is our only true evergreen exclusive as of now. Meaning we will hopefully have it once per year.


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