Montenegro Red Label Corona Aged 4.5 Years (Farmers Blend)

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Montenegro Red Label Corona Aged 4.5 Years (Farmers Blend) Montenegro, the natural tobacco company. I touched on this with the white series but they use no chemicals, flavors or additives in their growing, fermenting, aging and rolling process. Organic and natural all the way. I was taken aback with the love you all showed these folks. So were they. That’s how we got this. I got a call from Mr. Mora, the owner of the brand and farm. He told me he had something he thinks I would like. He explained they had a red series cigar that was a choice blend of the farmers on his land. They even had their favorite vitola for the blend: the Corona. As Cuban as it gets, and one of my favorites vitolas as well. They first opened doors about 6 years ago after the first tobacco yield. They had no way of selling these at the time. Remember, these guys are big money players from Beverly Hills and this started as more of a fun passion project. Well the employees rolled thousands of these red coronas and aged them in the aging room. It was basically something to do to stay busy while having their private stash. For the next yield they did the same thing. The cigars have been resting in the aging room for 4.5 years or longer, waiting to be smoked. Now the company is finally selling their products to the public and it’s time to make room. For showing Montenegro so much kindness on Instagram, they made sure we had first dibs on them. And wow, are these great! The draw on these is firm and for good reason. It balances and smooths some very robust Nicaraguan tobacco. I am honored to have this cigar in the club.

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Tasting Notes: I get honey and cinnamon on the body. The foot is a wonderful aroma of vanilla, wood and sweet syrup. The cold draw is firm and reminds me of Lipton iced tea and pretzel. Something about this cigar reminds me of the older versions of the Tatuaje black, which definitely is not the same any more. This is reminiscent of them back when they came in jars. The first third starts with incredible balance. Cinnamon spice, leather, cedar and a duet of both cocoa and vanilla that come and go on different puffs. The second third is similar to the first but the flavors mend a bit. The balance is phenomenal. I get woods, cinnamon, white pepper, and sweet thick maple syrup. I’m so impressed with this little cigar. I don’t always appreciate a firm draw on a cigar but for this cigar it is truly fitting. In the final third the strength picks up slightly. With cinnamon, oak, chocolate, leather and a beautiful nuttiness. Is this going to become my go to daily smoker? Maybe!
Pairing Notes:
A fine cognac. Aged Rum. Belgium Triple beer. Wheat beer. Abita perhaps. White Chocolate. Maple syrup anything. Tapioca pudding with whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Cinnabon. Sarsaparilla. Tuscan cheeses. Hard cheeses. Pinot Noir. PLEASE shout out @MSPCIGARS on the gram. Show them love for this one and check out the shop on our website for more of these!

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  1. Hsien Chou Ho (verified owner)

    A fantastic 💨💨💨💨 I love this blend

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