Montenegro Cigars White Series Crucero

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Tasting Notes: Before smoking I cut the front ornament off the cigar to allow for easier lighting and cold draw, but first I take a picture and post it on Spirited Smoke and Instagram! I get honeysuckle and hay on the body. I get rich tobacco and slight mustiness on the foot. The cold draw is beautiful with notes of dried apricot, white pepper and hay. Once lit I’m reminded of honey, hay and white pepper. I also get a note that reminds me of Rold Gold Honey wheat pretzels, which I love. On some puffs the pepper is stronger than others. Floral notes are there as well. So far I wouldn’t necessarily call this a morning stick but I would not reach for this at times where I need a full plus stick. It has balance and reserve. In the 2nd third I get toast, white pepper and hints of a beautiful vanilla. You can really taste the age on this tobacco because it is quite enjoyable and smooth. Every time I want the cigar to pick up intensity I retro-hale and am blessed with a nose of pepper and earth. Some bakers spices come and go. In the final third the flavors mend and the smoke becomes thicker and more syrupy. The sweetness picks up and the breads, vanilla, white pepper and natural tobacco mend in a medley of goodness.

Pairing notes: CHAMPAGNE! Shrimp cocktail. Caviar. Live your best life with this one:). For a slightly less indulgent time, just about any coffee will pair beautifully. I can also imagine smoking this after pancakes with syrup. Bananas and dried fruits. White chocolate. Fruity, lighter rums. Cognac. White wine. CARAMEL anything. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. After an ice cream sundae. Let Montenegro know how grateful we are for sharing this

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Montenegro Cigars White Series Crucero

Introducing Montenegro Cigars. Vertically integrated, they grow, roll and import. Originally sold only in Beverly Hills in places like the Grand Havana Room, the brand decided to branch out and begin selling online. Here is the idea behind the brand. Ever wondered if some cigars were treated for flavor? Ever heard rumors that farms fermented tobaccos with coffee or rum, etc? Honestly I’ve heard it all. I’ve often wondered when tasting notes like tea or chocolate, how the tobacco could have been treated with these natural items to create a more deep flavor. Of course no one admits it if they do this. Well, now you get to see for certain, what pure natural tobacco tastes like. Think of Montenegro as the NATURAL cigar company. No additives, no flavors, no tricks. Not even pesticides. This is what the company stands behind. I, for one, love this concept. What an opportunity to know you are tasting pure tobacco, the way nature intended. The wine industry is beginning to see alot of this as well. Natural wines are pretty great. Try one if you get a chance. Now that you understand the brand message, can we talk about how great this shape/vitola is? When I first saw the cigar I knew I had to have it in the club. The issue was the price. How the heck am I supposed to tell a company that sells a cigar for $25-$40 (you heard me) that they should sell it to us for regular cigar prices? The entire box is that price! Honestly it took 1 year and 1 month but I finally convinced them. Their white label means the tobaccos are aged 5 years. This is another thing they firmly stand behind. Being that the tobacco is natural and naturally fermented, they have peak moments in time where the tobaccos change flavors. Typically this happens every 2-3 years. They feel that 5 years is the perfect timing, weather permitting. The cigars are then rolled and aged another 6-12 months. This means the tobacco in this cigar is about 6 years aged by the time we get it in our monthly boxes. I really think we should all take the time to thank @mspcigars or even email them at and let them know how grateful we are for supporting the Privada movement.


1 review for Montenegro Cigars White Series Crucero

  1. Brandon Baize (verified owner)

    I got a deep rich full cedar, creamy coffee, citrus, licorice (good tasting though) smoky wood like charred oak, lots of leather, cinnamon. Sounds crazy but it’s all in there. Amazing cigar from start to finish. Smoking for 23 years and I will never forget this cigar, ordered 10 more!!!

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