My Blue Heaven




Aganorsa. Known for producing some of the finest Nicaraguan tobacco, called us one day out of the blue. A guy named Terence asked me if I had any ideas on how we could collaborate. “Of course”, I said. It’s not just our limited/exclusive releases that we need. We need our own house blend cigar, something we can continue to produce, that is unique to our club and our shop, made from the finest tobaccos known to man, and at a reasonable price. It turns out that Terence is Terence Reilly, Vice President of Aganorsa Leaf and one of the most respected names in the cigar industry. 120 days later, you now hold the My Blue Heaven, Privada Cigar Club’s house blend. Coming in at 6×44, it incorporates a a mix of Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99 fillers and binders wrapped with San Andres wrapper. It sports a very unique band, which doubles as a sticker after smoking, and an anti counterfeit label affixed to the cellophane. Take pictures, post them everywhere and make all your non member friends jealous. The band came about through a mistake. I originally wanted to put the sticker on the cellophane but it looked terrible. Sitting there with over 10,000 stickers, wondering what the heck to do with them, I came up with an idea. We can use the sticker to seal ribbon around the cigar. And this my brothers and sisters, is how a cigar, for the first time in history, comes with a free sticker attached. Simply peel it off and stick it wherever you would like! The stickers are also for sale on our website and feed 3 meals to families in need right here in the states with each purchase. Now let’s get into this thing!

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My Blue Heaven


Tasting Notes: On the body, sweet barnyard and slight sour cheese. On the foot, Fritos/corn chips. The cold draw is black tea and pretzel. Once lit I am hit with a burned pretzel note, black pepper, espresso, leather, light floral notes, and an earthiness. A bit further in I get more of the dark pretzel, black pepper, sweet cinnamon and woods, a nutmeg note, espresso richness, a mushroom like earthiness as well as floras and leather as undertones throughout. The cigar reminds me of really fancy French toast with maple syrup and vanilla. The smoke is powdery and the retro is minerally. The 2nd third shifts a bit. I get heavy woods and espresso, browned butter, a maple syrup like sweetness, breads, cinnamon, raspberry fruit like notes and each puff changes from a slight cocoa to a slight vanilla which reminds me of a soft serve ice cream swirl. In the final third we see pine nuts and pine wood notes, a lime like citrus, charcoal notes, fresh fruit notes, heavy cola, vanilla, pepper, woods and peanut butter. Well my friends, at just under $10 per stick in our shop, this is a heck of a smoke you can enjoy more than once per week. I’m so happy we finally have our house blend. Thank @aganorsaleaf on Social Media. 

Pairing Notes: Bourbon, wheated and rye. Peated Scotch like Ardbeg. Guinness beer. Caramel mousse. Anything peanut butter, like Reeses or peanut butter filled pretzels. Port wine. Chocolate cake. Cream soda.

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