One of the best ever….


This is what Cigar Aficionado released on this cigar in 2012:

7 1/4 inches long by 57 ring, with the supple curves and elaborate shaping known to lovers of Salomones. Each is a limited edition, packed in elaborate boxes unique to the brand.

Davidoff says the smokes are medium to full in body, made with Nicaraguan wrappers, Dominican binder and a blend of Peruvian and Dominican filler tobaccos. The Toro X has a suggested retail price of $18, while the big Salomon sells for $29.50. Both cigars are made at OK Cigars in the Dominican Republic, under the watchful eye of Hendrik “Henke” Kelner.

The Salomones are even more limited, with only 340 boxes worldwide. Each box is an acrylic cube with rubberized accents that contain 64 of the big cigars.

The cigars have been on sale for a week, but today marks the official kickoff at the Davidoff of Geneva flagship store in Manhattan. The artist who created the boxes will be in attendance

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to smoke the best of the best in the most limited form. Hailing from Manhattan Davidoff Store Grand Opening, 2012. We have un-banded,  Zino Platinum 10 Years. Originally you had to spend $1890 to receive 64 of these but we are fortunate enough to have received an un-banded batch that was never commercially packaged. OMG, Holy Cow. I’m in heaven with this cigar. Cigars like this are why I started the club.


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