Padilla 1932 Circa. 2009


Here is a chance to smoke a part of Miami Cigar History. This is the Padilla 1932 from 2009. This was rolled at Raices Cubanas in Danli Honduras when Raices rolled all of Aganorsas cigars before they had their own factory. Padilla and Aganaorsa have a long unspoken history together. This is from right after Padilla had his own factory in Miami and 2 production houses after the Pepin/padilla partnership expired. It’s hard enough to find a Padilla 1932 let alone from this era. About 10 years old it has been stored properly at 70/70 and currently sits in a foil bag with a 69 Boveda pouch just waiting to be smoked. No need to age this cigar, it comes in foil, humidified with Boveda, ready to smoke. Supplies are extremely limited. We have both Robusto and Toro, both the same ring gauge of 50 (perfection) one measuring 5 inches the other 6 inches. You do not get to choose which size you receive it is all while supplies last. This cigar is breathtaking.

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