Padilla 1932 Corona (Exclusive)

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Tasting notes: On the body I get nothing more than sweet tobacco. On the foot, dried apricot. Cold draw is apricot and floral notes. Once lit the floral notes come alive. The smoke itself is super creamy right from the start. I get a quick cayenne pepper, then leather, charred sugar, vanilla, pungent cedar and further down a banana note. Into the next 3rd, a grassy note picks up, then woody notes insert themselves and vanilla is dancing on my tongue. Creamy, fruity, peppery and smooth are good descriptions of what’s going on. Salted caramel, brioche bread, malted chocolate and black pepper are more specific. In the final 3rd I’m hit with white pepper, dark dank wood, overly ripe fruits, pine notes, musty notes and funky cheeses. It’s as good as I remember it and I don’t want to smoke anything else.

Pairing notes: Ripe Peaches. Ales but nothing over 50 IBU(bitter units), fruity beers like Abita strawberry. A crisp, cold  Sauvignon Blanc. Rye bourbon. Jack Daniels. Auchentoshan Scotch. Canadian whiskey. Snickers. Dried fruits. Cheesecake, with fruits on top. Brandy or cognac.

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Padilla 1932 Corona EXCLUSIVE 

(Rolled at Raices Cubanas in Honduras)

Last year, this cigar in a Lonsdale vitola was my favorite stick. I smoked 2 and that was it, I was hooked. I did not want to smoke anything else.While the size was different, the blend was exactly this- and it was dynamite. For the first time in 20 years Ernesto Padilla this fantastic blend from Honduras in a true connoisseur vitola: the Padilla 1932  Corona. This is the quintessential Cuban size/vitola. It does not get more authentic. This is the size Dirty Harry smoked. It’s what you would often see Cuban dictators and political leaders smoking. It’s also what classic Cuban brands like Bolivar and Ramon Allones create that are arguably the best blends in their brands when the construction is good. Because the American and European markets are leaning towards a trend in larger cigars, the art of the corona is being lost. But not us, not Privada.  The corona will typically have a firmer draw as the flavors are condensed. If the draw is loose be careful to pull lightly. The blend is typical of Padilla’s high end blends: A Habano wrapper (in this case maduro), a Nicaraguan binder and Nicaraguan fillers. Honestly folks, it doesn’t get much better than this. We ordered double the amount of these because they are so special and will have them for sale in our shop on the website at a fair every day price for members only. #weareprivada


4 reviews for Padilla 1932 Corona (Exclusive)

  1. Chrisstopher Taylor (verified owner)

    This is an amazing smoke! I got my first one in my first privada box and have ordered 3 more since. Not only was it loaded with flavor, but on a relight the next day it handed lost a bit of flavor.

  2. Mark Krainock (verified owner)

    An awesome, creamy smoke. Received this stick in my first Privada box. Ordered and received 10 more. Love this corona.

  3. Alexis Papadopoulos (verified owner)

    The last sentence in the description paragraph pretty much sums up this cigar: I don’t want to smoke anything else. Fantastic blend in an exclusive size just for PCC. Very balanced, dynamic and Padilla to the core. At the time of this review and many of these smoked, it is very hard to NOT want to fire up another one!

  4. John Pickett (verified owner)

    Definitely one my favorites here , the flavors are great ,right down to past the nub.

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