Padilla 1932 Lancero Aged 2.5 years


Padilla found these in Honduras aged about 2.5 years. This is one of my all time favorite cigars. Theres only about 180 of them so enjoy while supplies last!

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below are the tasting notes from the corona. the Lancero is a different batched and aged longer so I don’t know if these pally for certain!


Tasting notes: On the body I get nothing more than sweet tobacco. On the foot, dried apricot. Cold draw is apricot and floral notes. Once lit the floral notes come alive. The smoke itself is super creamy right from the start. I get a quick cayenne pepper, then leather, charred sugar, vanilla, pungent cedar and further down a banana note. Into the next 3rd, a grassy note picks up, then woody notes insert themselves and vanilla is dancing on my tongue. Creamy, fruity, peppery and smooth are good descriptions of what’s going on. Salted caramel, brioche bread, malted chocolate and black pepper are more specific. In the final 3rd I’m hit with white pepper, dark dank wood, overly ripe fruits, pine notes, musty notes and funky cheeses. It’s as good as I remember it and I don’t want to smoke anything else.

Pairing notes: Ripe Peaches. Ales but nothing over 50 IBU(bitter units), fruity beers like Abita strawberry. A crisp, cold  Sauvignon Blanc. Rye bourbon. Jack Daniels. Auchentoshan Scotch. Canadian whiskey. Snickers. Dried fruits. Cheesecake, with fruits on top. Brandy or cognac.

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