Padilla Finest Hour Habano Robusto


The Finest Hour Habano is a sungrown, habano-seed Nicaraguan wrapper, draped over a bed of all Nicaraguan long-fillers, making this a Nicaraguan Puro. Medium to full, extremely enjoyable.

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Padilla Finest Hour


Ernesto Padilla has one of the best palates in the game as far as I am concerned. That said, good luckfinding his products in most B&Ms. I can tell you that I had to work some magic to get these cigars first for our club. Other clubs tried, even famed reviewers called him after our promotion efforts to request a sample to review. But here is the thing: NO one has this cigar at the moment. His first shipment came in and despite the glorious artwork for these babies, there was no logo on the front of the box! As of the time I am writing this, the box company was sending an employee to the Padilla warehouse in Miami to add the top logo. What an industry of blunders we are in. According to Padilla, The Finest Hour is about the history of Winston Churchill and end of World War 2. Padilla is a history buff whose father was a famed Cuban poet and friends with Castro. His mother is a Cuban political activist who founded an arts center in Forth Worth, Texas. So art, culture and history run through his blood. As far as the cigar, Padilla told me the Finest Hour is just that. Each cigar is a celebration and for those of us who love cigars, it is in fact our finest hour when we smoke.

Tasting Notes: Cold draw has roasted nuts, toasty almond and some pepper and the shaft is sweet like honey and graham. In the first half, you will get notes of the most floral of all flavors- almost like getting a whiff of newly bloomed rose. There will also be graham cracker, some black pepper that turns into cinnamon, sweetness that reminds me of a cherry licorice, hay and cedar. Eventually these flavors mend together to make a fabulous sweet, floral and cinnamon spice cigar that is an absolute delight.

Pairing Notes: BOURBON.
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