Padilla Miami 8&11 Limited Edition El Titan De Bronze Lancero


Tasting notes: There’s a rich tobacco aroma on the body that reminds me of opening a very expensive pack of cigarettes (i.e. Dunhill). There is also a sweet nougat aroma, vanilla, apricot and something else there like the smell of cantaloupe skin before you cut it open. The cold draw is musty with licorice and almost mothball like notes along with a milk chocolate underneath. Dynamic from the start. Once lit, a cinnamon spice coats the tongue and sticks around. I get an incense aroma along with ginger bread and red hot candies. Next come toffee, rich tobacco white pepper and frankincense notes. I have to pause to think about how elegant this cigar is. Both in shape and complexity, and of course construction. It may be one of the most beautiful cigars I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. The retro-hale is cinnamon and oak. Further in I get white toast, licorice and rotund gorgeous floral notes. The smoke is super creamy yet slightly tart which then starts to take on a lemon note, graham cracker, oak and cinnamon. My mouth is tingling in a good way.  Next, I get creamy, oaky, cinnamon toast with a zing on the tongue that reminds me of Grey Poupon (Dijon mustard) along with grape jelly or raspberry where the floral notes were. The cigar then finishes with continued hints of Grey Poupon, slight must, creamy, rich oak and floral. Pairing notes: Tea with honey and cinnamon, light coffee with cream and sugar, the darkest chocolate you can find, raspberry sorbet, brut champagne, porter/stout beer, a white russian/caucasion mixed drink, coffee infused patron, rum of any kind, almond joy/mounds, dark raisinets, after steak or broiled seafood. What an honor it has been to smoke this cigar. Please thank @padillacigars and @eltitandebronze for making this possible.

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Oh man oh man…this cigar is the pinnacle of the modern day craft cigar movement.  A time tested blend, a proven master blender, the best rolling factory in existence and one level 9 cigar roller from Cuba skilled like no other. Neither you nor I have most likely smoked a Padilla Miami 8 & 11  cigar that has so many skilled parts. Sure some of us have had the best tobacco but rolled in less than classic construction. Or amazing construction with a good blend but nothing to write home about. The point that I am making here is that not one aspect of this project allowed anything less than perfection in terms of the standards of its tobacco, blend and construction. Ernesto Padilla originally created this blend while working with Pepin from MyFather around the time that Pepin entered the United States. It is roughly an Ecuadorian Habano wrapped around Criollo  and Corojo from Nicaragua and other Nicaraguan long fillers. Padilla, like most perfectionists never stops seeking the peak and as we know, has moved production several times. All of those moves have allowed us some pretty intense opportunities at trying the same blends from different vintages and different factories (see our website, shop page, Back to the Future No. 2). The last time Padilla worked out of El titan De Bronze was around 2013 and it was very brief. The band on the cigar you are holding is from that production run, but it was not a lancero. Sandy Coba, owner of El Titan de Bronze, only allowed one roller out of her staff to touch this project. He is from Cuba, worked for big cuban brands and has experience with this ring gauge. All of the rollers at El Titan De Bronze are level 9 master rollers from Cuba. But only one was allowed to touch this project. UNREAL. We ran out of the secondary band towards the end of production so some of you may have a cigar in your hand that only has one band. Talk about limited.


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