Padilla Texas Limited Edition (Only 150 Boxes of 20 Made)


Tasting notes: On the body, I get faint chocolate, maple syrup and some cedar. On the cold draw I get a rich tobacco and a ton of cedar. Once lit I’m met with a brief white pepper that quickly dissipates leaving a whole lot of cedar. I get notes of fresh white toast with light airy smoke. As I smoke further down. I get slight caramel, more white toast and a vegetal note that reminds me of wheat. The flavors don’t change much but it does progress and get a bit deeper and more syrupy as the cigar burns down. Padilla made this cigar in the Dominican Republic and it is totally different from his other cigars. It’s not my favorite Padilla ever but it sure is cool to get to smoke something know one else can.

Pairing notes: This is a morning stick. Have it with a dark roast coffee. Dark Chocolate. Fried Green Tomatoes. Fried Chicken or Beef fried chicken steak. Anything deep fried will pair well with this. Oreo cookies. Red wine. Light beer. Jack Daniels or any bourbon so long as it is not high proof. Seafood. I’d ask you to make an instagram post for Padilla Cigars but let’s be real you probably don’t know what Instagram is so I’m sure you can find him on Facebook and let him know what you thought of the cigar.

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Padilla Texas Limited Edition

Only 150 boxes of 20 ever made

Not even people in Texas can get this cigar. It’s a 56, which is a bigger ring gauge than we normally like. Padilla is probably angry that we bought these from him and they didn’t make it to Texas! The size looks like a longer version of a Flying Pig. The wrapper is gorgeous. Normally with a pig tail cap you can twist the cap off but use a cutter with this one and don’t take too much off the top. Texas is a BIG state, like this cigar. Come and take it. This is an expression used during the Texas revolutionary war by a man named Gonzales. This is not my favorite cigar from Padilla but it sure is fun to smoke things no one else can get!


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