Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun Toro


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Be a boss, smoke a toro…Here is a n opportunity to smoke one of the best cigars the club ever had in a larger vitola. Compare notes and dive even further into your cigar journey. Paul Stulac is pretty much impossible to find, unless you are a member of Privada of course. I have not had one bad stick from him. A very nice and respectful lad from the sleepy city of Halifax Canada. Paul is a true cigar aficionado. His partner who rolls the cigars in Nicaragua has access to all the tobaccos the bigger brands are telling me they cannot get their hands on. The original Red Screaming Sun Lancero is part of our Back To the Future #1 experience. That is a valuable in the shop where you get to compare the same cigar, one from 2014 the other from 2019. With this you will be able to try the same blend in a larger vital and compare them all. The broadleaf wrapper on this is exquisite. Shimmering with little crystals and tough as leather. The binder is Sumatran for sweetness. The fillers are the best Nicaraguan tobacco money can buy. What else can I say but savor this experience.  You can read my review of the lancero on our shop site. Tasting notes: I get a sweet aroma off the body, kind of like sweet earth and dried apricots. The cold draw is apricots, white pepper and bread crusts. On the foot I get a medium chocolate. Wow, right off the bat it’s leather, cocoa, the broadleaf bread I always mention which is more like toasted bread crusts, white peeper and dried fruits. There is vanilla and leather, cream and white pepper, the dried fruits are there, the bread is still there. I hate to say this but I may like this better than the lancero. The white pepper turns to spicy mustard/wasabi on the retro, there is a sweet caramel, bread and floral sweet creamy smoke and an overall satisfaction I have been looking for from a cigar lately. Dark bitter Chocolate, wasabi, bread notes, creamy floral smoke and a white pepper zing on the finish. There mustard like gasses at different puff, creamy smoke, spice, dried fruit and leather. This my be my new favorite cigar. I’m drinking a medium roast coffee between some puffs and I am reminded of an artificial cherry flavor in the final third. Thank you @paulstulaccigars Pairing notes: Dried fruits. Caramel. Deep red wines. Lamb chops. Cherry pie. Peanut butter mousse. Scotch (lowlands), chilled cognac, peanut butter cup, porter or stout beer, wheat bourbon. COFFEE medium roast.


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