Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda


Tasting notes: Sweet hay on the body and a tea note on the foot. Once lit I’m met with a blast of red pepper, salt, sweet yet dry smoke. I begin to get notes of nutmeg and a floral essence. Sweet smoke, charred oak barrell, toffee and more floral notes. Further in, the cigar becomes creamier with notes of tea, sharp spice, leather, slight roasted peanuts and charred oak. There is a terrific level of spice, floral, sweetness and wood making for a nice balance of flavors (but be careful on the retro hale!) In the end I’m left with a creamy bourbon like experience of vanilla, charred oak, spice and cream. The cigar was sweet and floral most of the way through. This is one of my favorite new cigars.

Pairing Notes: Cognac or Rum. Medium roast coffee. Great after grilled fish, raw oysters or sushi. Deserts like flan, or anything with deep caramel will pair nicely. P.S. in Chinese, the number eight brings success and when you pair it with the number 2 it brings things with ease..
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Pier 28 Cigars Habano Corona Gorda

Tim Wong is San Francisco born and raised. He grew up 6 blocks away from the famous Pier 28. A self proclaimed cigar nerd, Tim went to any cigar event he could find. One day he met the Torrano family, and somehow was made to be their sales rep on the West Coast. Through the years Tim has worked for a bunch of other very reputable brands, learning and growing within the community. He even worked for Padilla but declined to say anything bad about him lol. Tim is a very nice guy. There came a point when he said to himself, I’ve worked the West Coast for everyone else, it’s time to work for myself. The brand is new. The cigars cannot be found anywhere except the one online retailer that trolls our club and bashes us, but even they ran out of stock.

I called Tim and he told me that in the LA ZONA/ SOSA Miami warehouse he had what we need! So here you are, holding in your hands, quite possibly my favorite daily smoker.



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