Privada Cigar Club Bamboo T-Shirt (Will NEVER be made again)


It’s finally here. Countless members asked us to make merchandise so they can proudly represent the club. Like everything else I do, I couldn’t just make another stale t-shirt.

I’m a partner in another company called Sumer ( Sumer makes socks and underwear made out of bamboo. If you never owned anything made from bamboo, I can’t express enough how comfortable it is. About a year ago I received a sample t-shirt made from bamboo. I fell in love. I wore it all summer, fall and now winter.  I have washed it 50+ times, and there is ZERO fading or shrinking! I have included a photo of the brand new bamboo shirt next to the old one and if it weren’t for the logo, you wouldn’t know the difference.

Bamboo is good for the environment because it is sustainable. Most people do not know that cotton is responsible for about 30% of all pesticides used in farming and about 9% of the world’s water consumption. It also contaminates some of the land it grows on. Bamboo grows with rain water, no pesticides and it grows at alarming rates. The fibers are broken down into strands to make our t-shirt.The only downside to bamboo is the cost. I guarantee you this will be the most comfortable t-shirt you have ever worn.

Place your pre order and REPRESENT! #weareprivada




They have arrived!

This is the most comfortable T-shirt I own, and now it can be yours as well. This exact shirt will never be made again.




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