Room 101 Death Bucket Pica Pollo EXCLUSIVE 6×54 (Rolled in 2017, Banded in 2018 Aged 2 Years 2 Months)   


Tasting Notes: There is a lavender soap like note on the body, the foot is more of the same but with rich tobacco aromas. The cold draw is dried peaches and more of the lavender note. The cigar starts out chocolatey with slight white pepper, herbal sweet earth, bakers spices and peanut butter. Later there is also the addition of sweet white toast, and a mushroom-like earthy mustiness. In the second third, I get a ramp up in peppers, from white to red and the mushroom note continues to linger. There’s also an overall vanilla sugared sweetness, some breads, charred cinnamon and a fudge like chocolate note. The cigar ends with floral notes, candied dried fruits (think candied orange) some ginger in place of the pepper and the musk is still there, reminding me of a Davidoff. Fantastic cigar with great complexity and dynamic range.

Pairing Notes: Wheat beers with an orange slice, Ice cold Pinot Grigio on a hot day, Aged dark rums, cognac on a cool evening, wheated bourbon. Medium roast coffee.White chocolate. Smores. Iced coffee with cream and sugar (medium to light roast). White Russian AKA a Caucasian cocktail. Brownies with or without vanilla ice cream.

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Room 101 Death Bucket EXCLUSIVE (Rolled in 2017, Banded in 2018

Aged 2 Years 2 Months)   

An aged Room 101 rolled in extremely limited quantities and only found here at Privada…yea we did that. Matt is so happy with the love that members show him both online and in stores across the country that he offered us one of the coolest looking sticks I’ve ever seen. What’s even cooler about it is that this is the first blend Matt made after leaving his deal with Davidoff in 2016. This was to be a big come back stick but it never came out, until we got it.… Man we get the coolest stuff! The cigar band goes back to his roots. I remember one of his first cigars having a tiny chicken bucket inside the label. I thought that was soo cool and I think this label is also really creative. The idea behind death bucket is that commercialization will be the demise of humanity. Which kind of makes sense after leaving Davidoff, probably having dealt with corporatization of his beloved craft and now starting over in a smaller more flexible environment. The Death Bucket is 6 x54. We have had 2 sizes, both 6×52 and 6×54, the remaining cigars are the 6×54 size and AMAZING!



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