Room 101 Farce Pre-Release aged 1 year


Tasting Notes: On the body I get this shea butter smell that reminds me of shea butter lotion. On the foot its more of a cocoa butter. The cold draw is almonds and natural tobacco. Matt is one of those guys that I know does not treat tobaccos in any way yet blends so many different tobaccos that the flavors cannot be found anywhere else. The first third starts with white pepper, floral notes, graham cracker, bread and bakers spices. White pepper is heavy on the retro hale. The second third is buttery in texture, and it has a ton of the floral notes, vegetal notes, sweet cream like sensations and a seawater-in-the-air saltiness. Kind of like when you arrive at the shore…it just has a salty crispness to it. Coming into the final third: almond, buttery, citrus notes, toast.  There is a nondescript fruitiness like an apple or apricot jam. Overall it is a very nutty and buttery, toasty, floral explosion to the senses. Pairing Notes: Tea with honey. Graham crackers. Pumpkin or sweet potato pie. Buffalo Trace/wheated bourbon. Pilsner beers. Try a licorice candy an hour before smoking. Vanilla or rice pudding. Hershey chocolate. After anything with almond or peanut butter. Try this with or after eating Nutter Butter cookies! PLEASE shout out @room101cigars for digging into his private stash to create something cool for the club!

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Room 101 Farce Pre-Release aged 1 year

Yes, you can find Room 101’s the Farce in a lot of shops. No, you will never get the opportunity to smoke the pre-release Matt Booth brought with him to IPCPR last year to hand out to industry insiders. This is the first batch he made and they scored a 94 on Cigar Aficionado back in July. Ecuadoran wrapper, Indonesian binder and filler tobacco from Pennsylvania, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Ecuador grace these beauties. Some of you have the lonsdale, some have the toro. Both outstanding sticks. Matt Booth is, in our opinion, one of the best blenders in the game, and this is him, in the Dominican Republic, working his magic. Proof that Room 101 Farce can be just as good as any. 


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