Room 101 Ichiban Salamon 2015 Aged 4 years made exclusively for West Side Humidor in Kansas


Room 101 Ichiban Salamon 2015 Aged 4 years made exclusively for West Side Humidor in Kansas

Matt Booth, Room 101 cigars, Limited edition, Salamon sized cigar…yeah, this is what cigar dreams are made of. If you are not from Kansas, there is a good chance you never saw this cigar before. It was made for West Side Humidor in Wichita. Heck of a shop, they really know their stuff. This cigar was limited to 10,000 units. It sports an Ecuadorian wrapper, Nicaraguan binders and fillers and regardless what the release forms say, I’m willing to bet the farm that this has Honduran tobacco in it. Rolled in Honduras at the Davidoff/Camacho factory, this thing is gorgeous! Admire that beautiful wrapping and before you remove it, really take in the fact that no one takes this much pride in his/her cigars except for Matt Booth and Room 101. This cigar has been aging in the stock room at West Side Humidor for about 4 years now. It is an honor to smoke it. I wish I had one for every single member but there just are not enough left. You can find some extras in our shop on the Privada website while supplies last.

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Tasting notes: Box wood Spanish cedar on the body of the cigar along with bourbon barrel soaked oak. The cold draw tastes like wheat grass, some hickory and more of that bourbon soaked oak. The salamon shape takes a while to light, but once it gets going you are met with notes of white pepper, tea, honey and cream. There’s some cocoa, incense and cedar. In the 2nd third I get more of the teas and exotic incense notes. Some citrus appears along with notes of vanilla and then later some cocoa. There is a nice white pepper in the retro-hale. Moving on, there is a fresh cut grass sweetness, creamy puffs of oak and cedar woods, orange like essence, white pepper and smooth powdered sugars. This cigar really has all the notes that make a fine smoke. Then in the final third the woods really take over. The creamy smoke turns powdery. The flavor condenses and morphs into a sweet, spicy and umami experience showing a wide range of flavors and sensations. It truly is an honor to smoke this cigar and worth every penny of the hefty price tag. Paring notes: No beer with this one. Stay on the lighter side of the brown spirits like a lowland or highland or Campbeltown but nothing smoky. A VSOP or XO cognac. On a warmer day try a dry Sauvignon Blanc or sweet Chardonnay. Pair with tea and honey. Bourbon on the rocks or with a splash of water. White Chocolate. Cheesecake with fruits. Dried fruits. Port Wine.


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