Room 101 Matt Booth Micro Batch Torpedo 2017 (exclusive)


Tasting notes: Sweet hay and barnyard on the body along with a floral note. Rich tobacco on the foot. Once lit, BOOM! Pepper and incense, sweet creamy leathery smoke with sugar coated blast of wasabi. Be careful retro haling in the first third. I would only smoke this with dark coffee or liquor. Espresso, chocolate, bread, red pepper and leather and a beautiful sugared floral note that gets very bright.

Marshmallow flavor replaces the floral note, grassy vegetal notes appear and then turn to lemongrass and dark bitter chocolate. Red pepper is dying but still full along with sweet cream, nutmeg, and a note that reminds me of spicy Thai soup with coconut and lemon grass. As it progresses, it calms down and notes of tea, Brioche bread, red pepper, coconut cream, lemon grass, leather, dark espresso and dark chocolate are all players in this symphony. The flavors start to mend and I’m getting earthy black pepper with sweet creamy smoke and charred wood along with sourdough, butter, dark chocolate, floral perfume and leather.  I can see why this cigar blend has won awards. This is the epitome of a full bodied cigar. Some of us do not want full body but I cannot with right mind put this cigar in only a few members boxes, this is too special for us all not to enjoy. If you like milder cigars, do not retro and take shorter puffs. The aromatics of this cigar are second to none and like all true masterpieces there is something here for everyone.

Pairing notes: High proof bourbon. Coca Cola on ice. Rum and coke. Sour beer. Belgium Tripel beer. After steak and potatoes. With chocolate ice cream. With a light roast coffee.

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Room 101 Matt Booth Micro Batch Torpedo 2017 (exclusive) (But not our original exclusive) aged 2 years.

Can you believe it? One of the hottest cigars in the industry and they not only made us a special batch but they even put a custom band on it for us! Here is how this cigar came about. My wife and I are in Los Angeles at a cool day bar/smoking lounge called State Social House. We are having cigars and drinking heavily when a guy walks in I swear I know him from somewhere. After a few moments he pulls out a laptop that has the the name D-Nice across the top. Now, if you’re from New York in the 90’s or grew up on NYC Hip Hop, you know D-Nice. He’s a an artist, a rapper, a photographer, a celebrity DJ and an all around New York intellectual. I met D during my music career briefly but we had friends in common. I walked over and introduced myself and referenced a few people we both know. D was as friendly as I remembered him to be (p.s. go on YouTube and search “My name is D-Nice”. This was his first single when he was a young hip hop artist). We spoke for a while and I mentioned Privada Cigar Club. He loved the idea. He mentioned his friend Nick owned a cigar company that just received #3 cigar of the year. I said yes of course, Foundation Cigars, those guys are on fire and I cannot figure out how to reach them. D takes my info and eventually CCs both Nick and yours truly on a text. We communicate for months and then I pop the question. Nick, will you make us an exclusive cigar? To which he replies no lol. But I will make you the most sought after cigar I make in a special batch just for the club with your own band on it. To which I reply, ok that works, trying to contain my excitement the entire time lol. Nick is another artist. Birds of a feather flock together and if you watch Nick Mellilo on Instagram he’s either back stage at a cool show or in Nicaragua where he has lived for well over ten years. Originally from Connecticut, Nick worked for Drew Estate until 2015, when he left to start his own brand. Four years later and he is on top of a very hard to saddle industry. You go Nick! Thank you for being so gracious and seeing our vision. It is an honor to have this cigar in our club. This cigar has a firm draw and for good reason. It is intentional. The full flavor of this cigar with too loose of a draw would over power. The cigar has an MSRP of $13 but I’ve never seen it in a store for less than $17 and I’ve only seen it in 2 stores this year, because most sell out quickly. This is a San Andres wrapper around Nicaraguan binder and fillers.



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