Sinistro Honor Amongst Thieves PRE-PRE release (doesn’t come out until August 2019) Corona Gorda


Tasting notes: On the body, some of the samples have a really pungent funky, almost goat cheese style aroma and on others more just a manure/sweet barnyard note. I get chocolate, leather and coffee on the foot. The cold draw has a twangy salty milk chocolate sweetness. The first few puffs see almost no pepper, a bit of twang or zing (these are notes I typically describe Cuban cigars with, hard to describe other than twang…I suppose you can call it salt or dried pungent fruits/esters). There’s a bit of floral fruity notes and still more of the twang/ester. This cigar is earthy, mineraly, salty and tangy. Sweet earth, white pepper, salt and cocoa powdery sweetness with tinges of dried fruit essence here and there. Then, you get molasses, sweet woods and espresso halfway. I start to taste a distinct dark cherry and even further down notes of herbs like thyme. The smoke is chewy and leaves a caramel coating on the mouth. Pairing notes: Dried fruits. Caramel. Deep red wines. Lamb chops. Cherry pie. Peanut butter mousse. Scotch (lowlands), chilled cognac, peanut butter cup, Irish beer, after Brazilian or middle eastern barbecue. Let’s all be grateful that Sinistro gave this to our club first, even before introducing it at IPCPR. Shout these guys out on Instagram @sinistrocigars please and try take solo shots of this bad boy.

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James and Coleman are back at it. Honor Amongst Thieves, what a great name. The reality is there is no such thing. I suppose that is what makes it a cool name because it would be nice if  there was such a thing. The name reminds me of one of my favorite quirky movies called “Welcome To Collingwood”. If you haven’t seen it, try watching it. It’s not a popular movie, but I love it because it embodies the idea of honor amongst thieves. They don’t make movies like that anymore and they certainly don’t make cigars like this. It’s a Brazilian Cubra maduro wrapper, a binder of undisclosed origin, and a filler of Nicaraguan ligero, piloto ligero and corojo ligero, Dominican ligero and Pennsylvania broadleaf. It’s a dark, deep Brazilian style Maduro with an affinity for dark stone fruits and smoky goodness. When you grow up in big cities like Pittsburgh and Los Angeles you grow a love for the cinematic bad guys and the street legends that lack education and work ethic but have a hope and a dream along with the will to do what it takes to claim their fortune. Even us good guys have found ourselves rooting for the bad guy here and there. What I believe is going on with this blend is a rare mix of tobaccos that may not have fit in other cigars but in the expert hands of the blender and rollers, it came together and became a truly unique thing of its own.


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