Sinistro Last Cowboy Maduro Lacero Privada Club Exclusive 2019


Tasting Notes: Smelling the shaft of the cigar, I’m reminded of springtime cow manure, a sweetness similar to a zesty BBQ sauce and a peaty smokiness on the foot. On the first draws there is a meaty smoky zing not unlike a BBQ sauce zest and bakers spices that remind me of nutmeg and cinnamon. Smoky black pepper meets the nose on the retro hale while I receive notes of vanilla, tea and a zesty zing. Charred oak, black pepper, bakers spices and a sweet grass note emerge. Vanilla, cream, peat and herbal tea notes are present. Heavy spices and woods emerge, spiced rum, grass, peat, leather, cinnamon and deep bbq zest. Creamy vanilla, leather and now an orange note come to the surface. I’m blown away with how dynamic this cigar is. I get creamy smoke, sweetness of sugar cane, lime zest, and aged oak and cherry coke depth with a fizz on the finish. As the cigar comes to a close I get anise, root beer barrel syrup, some vegetal grassy notes and peat like a charred grill. If I did nothing else with this club, I gave you this cigar.

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Sinistro Last Cowboy Maduro Lacero Privada Club Exclusive 2019

While the last cowboy may have died years ago, one lives in spirit. The brand Sinistro is alive and well in Los Angeles, CA and Pittsburgh, PA. James Agopian, an Armenian Glendale, CA local and Coleman a Pittsburgh PA native form the brand. I met James on a cool Cali morning in late summer in front of the same cigar shop I met Matt Booth when he handed me The T CT and we discussed the club exclusive. James refuses to call this cigar an exclusive while Coleman confidently calls it so. The truth is at this point we are the only people who have it this year and most likely will be. That being said, we bought the entire batch and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that with a handmade product made of terroir vegetation, no one crop is exactly alike. So even if this cigar is done again in the future, it will not be this same cigar again. But, my friends, this cigar from this crop, is an instant classic. The Last Cowboy is appropriately named. No better camp fire cigar has been created and none may ever come close. Cloaked in a CT Broadleaf with San Andres binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, this handsome stick is closed foot with the beloved and misunderstood Candela green leaf. The cigar ring has the infamous picture of the cowboy himself. A Willy Nelson style ruff neck, roaming the lands looking for a profit, food, warmth and with some luck a small fortune. I’m so proud to put this in your hands. The cigar embodies everything our club is about and really cannot be put into words to someone who is not a member. This cigar and others like it are what makes #weareprivada real. Catch us if you can. Saddle up M*****F**kers, it’s time to smoke the Last Cowboy.


Pairing notes: Any Whiskey. After steak. Baked beans and or a baked potato or barbecue.
PLEASE do not smoke this cigar after having other cigars. I hope it goes unsaid with our sticks the cleaner the palate and the cleaner the air (not a smoke filled room with other cigars burning) is best to get the full experience.


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