Southern Draw Cedrus Hogan


This Belicoso Fino is 5.5 x 52 and comes from none other than AJ Fernandez’s factory in Nicaragua.The wrapper is an Indonesian Sumatra called Besuki TBN, the binder is Habano 2000 from Esteli and the filler is a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan. The body of the cigar smells like a sweet honey to me. The foot smells of cedar. Google a picture of the cigar online to see the box; it is very unique in that each cigar is touching cedar. Upon lighting with a cedar strip (which I recommend) I was introduced to cinnamon, black pepper and oak and the smoke felt syrupy. There is a ton of deep woody notes and no shortage of pepper. Into the 2nd third things balance out a bit. I tasted what I thought was a barley note similar to a those found in Tripel Beers and within moments the note turned into a maple. There was pine that came in and out of play along with salty roasted peanuts, lemon zest (though only briefly) and dried Italian herbs. Towards the end, the sweetness kicked up again but was more simple syrup than maple. The pepper was almost all gone in the end and was replaced by leather, hay, more roasted peanuts and in some draws a licorice note where the sweetness was. DYNAMIC. AJ Fernandez is on fire, and with the Holts joining forces, this may be the best new cigar company in a long time. Pairing Notes: Belgium Tripel beer, Japanese Whiskey, Light Roast Coffee w cream and sugar, Chinese food, dried fruits, dark chocolate.

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Southern Draw Cedrus Hogan
Aged 9 months
Between how compassionate and amazing Robert and Sharon Holt are, how amazing EVERY cigar we have had from them is and the nudge or two from some of you, we offer our second Southern Draw offering. This is a Limited edition that I’m told will never be released in this size again. Southern Draw names their cigars after trees/flowers. This cigar has a two part name: the Cedrus, a type of cedar and the Hogan after Phil and Shelley Hogan, retired US Navy Veteran. The Hogans are an inspiration to the Holt family and were fundamental in Southern Draw becoming a brand, so this cigar is an ode to them.
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