Tasting Notes: Buttery, heavy cream blonde smoke with the perfect balance of salt and pepper, fresh flowers and butterscotch, cedar, slight hops at times mixed in with vanilla, sweet bread and notes of amaretto. Here and there, the sweet bread turns to pound cake flavors.UNREAL.Pairing Notes: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, aged rums and brandy, desert pies with whip cream and toffee

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Southern Draw Cigars is the product of a labor of love by Robert and Sharon Holt. Robert is an Armed Forces Veteran who started smoking cigars after the military. He built wireless networks all over the globe including South and Central America. This is where he caught the cigar bug. He enjoyed the culture so much that he vowed to create his own brand after many years with the help of his wife and some other veterans. He was connected with A J Fernandez at the famed Tabacalera Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua. Robert and his partners maintain what they call a “Culture of Honor” (Cited from a interview) where “people avoid intentionally offending others and maintain a reputation for not accepting improper conduct by others.” Now this is a company I can get behind. The Rose of Sharon is a newer blend for the company and I believe it is the first time using a Connecticut Shade wrapper. Don’t get confused, this smoke is DYNAMIC. It scored a 100 on recent reviews. It’s also a box pressed Lancero and we LOVE that. The wrapper is so soft and elegant, but wait until you start smoking it. It has a Connecticut Shade from Ecuador wrapped around both Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. They only use the finest tobacco in this product. The Rose of Sharon is an ode to Roberts wife Sharon Holt, who HOOKED US UP this month! This is one fo the best cigars I’ve had this year.



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