The Cult Churchill 2012 Vintage


Tasting notes: The body of the cigar is smooth and smells of dried fig and sugary vanilla. Then I’m hit with the scent of a butterscotch hard candy like Werthers Original. The cold draw is mineraly, metallic and has slight notes of almond. The cigar starts out with a surprising amount of minerals and earth with black pepper, earl gray tea, sweet leather and an overall heat to it like an over proofed bourbon. The ground black pepper sticks around on the finish. I start to get toffee and herbs, deep dark earth with smooth sweet smoke that somehow reminds me of vanilla cake icing. I’m now tasting banana ester (esters are the odor of an organic material decomposing. Some really high proof rich spirits have ester aroma), black pepper, sweet icing smoke and minerals. Toffee, graham cracker, banana ester, herbs, grilled eggplant and earth. The black pepper turns to white pepper and some of the other flavors mend to remind me of animal crackers. Towards the end I get a lot of the above mention notes plus there is a new addition of toasted hazelnut. I really cannot believe how dynamic this smoke is. If this cigar doesn’t end the debate on if cigars should be aged no cigar will. 

Pairing notes: Amber lager, Pinot Grigio, vodka soda, caramel, bourbon on the rocks, flan, creme brûlée, vanilla soda or root beer, adult root beer, root beer float, jack and coke, after BBQ chicken or pulled pork. Don’t forget to @cultcigars on the gram!

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Quality Importers, owners of the XIKAR brand is a company best known for arguably the best accessories. In fact we are working with them on a Xikar  cutter for the club. During the course of discussing the cutter project, our rep Larry mentioned he had something very special, aged professionally and rare. Of course that piqued my interest. He will not allow me to write about the legality of this cigar, other than the fact that a non-compete agreement signed with another cigar maker who a lot of your are fond of halted the sale of this cigar and left them sitting in an aging room for 7 years. The cigar uses an Ometepe leaf in its blend. Ometepe (pronounced Oh-ma-tep) is a volcanic area in Lake Nicaragua and is hard to get to, rare and exceeds the quality of most fillers used today in cigars. How awesome is it that we get to smoke this piece of history? Who else can bring this experience to the table? I’m so proud to introduce you to The Cult. Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper, Indonesian Sumatran binder, long fillers from Nicaragua including the highly sought after Ometepe.  This cigar comes out of the Tacasa Cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. I’ve been told this is all I can say about the back story, even with the non compete now over. Who knows the real story and honestly as much as I’d like to know, who cares. It’s finds like these that make me feel like I did the job you propositioned me to do. Let’s face it, at these prices, with this quality of cigars, we are basically pooling our money together because there is power in numbers. I just happen to be the guy making the deals, and it is an honor, my friends.


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