The Gift Box


This is NOT our monthly Subscription box. This my friends, is for gifting!

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Finally…it’s here!!! This is NOT for members! Imagine that, Privada Cigar Club selling a gift  box not for members?!! I’ve received too many requests for this already. This Gift box is for the last of your cigar smoking friends that is still procrastinating to sign up for the club. It’s also for the guy who just had a kid. It’s for the guy that just graduated. Or the girl who just wants to be a bad ass. Or the woman that knows how to buy the best damn gift a cigar lover could ever ask for.  Or your favorite client that loves cigars. Or your favorite bartender that smokes cigars. It’s for the person least expecting it. It’s for the person who doesn’t have any idea what the heck Privada Cigar Club is, but should!

So what’s inside? If I told you it wouldn’t be fun. Maybe some things from the clubs past, maybe some things from the clubs future and maybe some things the club will never see. But it’s not for members! 🙂


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