Zino Platinum Master Edition 2008 Throwback Series


Tasting Notes: I smell honey and whipped cream on the body of the cigar. Green tea on the foot. The cold draw reminds me of smelling chocolate milk along with some pepper. The first third starts out with raw almond, cereal grains, white toast, with white pepper on the retrohale. A caramel sweetness begins to develop and tea notes are present. The smoke becomes the creamiest smoke of them all. The second third starts out with popcorn, caramel, dark berry and some citrus. The smoke graduates from creamy to velvet. Sugared lemon notes arrive along with nuances of of ripe pineapple. The sweet cereal grain flavors never leave only come in and out. Toasted almonds, berry, sweet cereal grain that now reminds me of Berry Cap’n Crunch cereal, along with vanilla. Chocolate hazelnut Nutella notes make a subtle appearance. In the final third I get this menthol cooling sensation, a graininess where the cereal once was, vanilla, an addition of a hint of red wine vinegar, and some black pepper. Almonds, craisins, granola, and velvety rich smoke are dancing on the palate. The last few puffs show signs of barley, hops, lemon, oak and cheeses. This is a masterpiece.

Pairing notes: Auchentoshan scotch all day. Lowland scotches (you are looking for sweet scotch, not smokey). After deserts that have whipped creams and caramels. With Cappuccino. With anything vanilla. After a bowl of sweet cereal. With a Belgium Tripel beer. On a perfect afternoon, alone. Do not waste this cigar in a smoke filled room. PLEASE shout out @zinoplatinumcigars on Instagram. We need more from them!!!

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Zino Platinum Master Edition 2008 Throwback Series

There are some cigars that I get in our monthly boxes that make me feel like a hero. This is one of those cigars. I smoked this cigar through recommendation of a club member named Smoky. He told me it was excellent but you cannot find it. That piqued my interest, of course. The cigar, for those who do not know, is made my Davidoff. Zino Davidoff was the founder of Davidoff. This line of cigars are made in his honor, the way he liked them. The Zino line has one of the nicest, most expensive and exquisite Connecticut Shade wrappers from Ecuador money can buy. The materials and construction of this cigar and the entire line are second to none. I’m telling you right now, this is top 2 cigars of the year thus far, it is an absolute masterpiece and I am so honored to be able to share this with every member. After getting my hands on one, I could not get the experience out of my mind. I called our contacts at Davidoff and to my disappointment, I was told they were no longer available. A few days later, we got the call: they have 4,500 sticks left and enjoyed our members posts on social media so much last month, that they felt comfortable selling them to us. SCORE. This 2008 Throwback series is paying homage to the blend used for the cigar in 2008. This is from the Davidoff website: “Zino Platinum Master Edition Throwback 2008 reigns as royalty due to its complex arrangement of filler tobaccos spanning from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru. Masterfully bound together with an Olor binder leaf and a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper leaf. The Throwback 2008 preserves the signature quality of the Zino Platinum Master Edition, the complex aroma of the smoke, which is intense without being aggressive while producing an irresistible sweetness. The medium-to-full bodied Corona Extra format delivers an unforgettable experience for all that want a taste of royalty.” The cigar starts out less than impressive but then swiftly builds and progresses like a great symphony until you are left laughing out loud at how damn good it is. I’ve said before that most cigars are great jazz, but this is a classical masterpiece.



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