Zino Platinum Scepter Cane-Aged 4 years

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Zino Platinum Scepter Cane-Aged 4 years

No longer in stock anywhere, these Corona sized beauties are one heck of an amazing smoke. COMPLEX alert. This is a great time to practice your retro-hale as there are so many flavors to be had by smelling this smoke. From the Davidoff site: “The Scepter Series offers great taste, complex yet harmoniuos experience and exquisite aromas with a range of strengths suitable for both the novice and experienced aficionado. A blend of different filler from Dominican Republic and Peru, combined with a Connecticut binder and finished with a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. Light to medium in body but full of complex flavors.” Zino Davidoff was the founder of Davidoff Cigars in Geneva Switzerland in 1936. He was not yet his own brand but a store at this time. His clients were very fancy and the cigars of this time were very traditional. To be honest, the more I read into Zino, the more I relate Davidoff’s history to Privada’s story. Someone with a passion for cigars that wanted to find only the best cigars and eventually create the finest cigars for his people. That truly is our story and it is the story of Zino and the Davidoff brand almost 100 years prior. Isn’t it amazing how history repeats itself. This is what we are all a part of.

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Tasting Notes: On the body I get earth and sweet hay. On the foot it smells like wet hay or a wet farm after a rain. Think musty and pungent. The cold draw is soapy and floral, similar to a dryer sheet and has notes of apricot and tea. The first puff has notes of charred cedar with white pepper. Theres is a toasty quality to the smoke and I get hints of apricot and graham cracker. Further in, the flavors are minerally, chalky and super floral, like potpourri. There is a fizzle in the retro hale-almost like carbonation in a soft drink. Around the 2nd third I am hit with notes of ripe fruits that are almost cotton candy-like at times. The fizzle I mentioned combined with the candy sweetness remind me of pop rocks. Then I’m hit with vanilla, buttered toast and dried mint leaves. The floral is back but this time it’s a little more specific: lavender. The smoke becomes heavier and creates more intensity on the tip of the tongue. SALT. Buttery, floral white pepper. In the final 3rd I get an intense floral bouquet of flavors with nougat, leather and browned buttery toast. This cigar is fancy and sophisticated. It’s completely ripe with age and pretty perfect for a morning sip of alcohol to celebrate life. 

Pairing notes: Cognac neat. Dark Chocolate. White Chocolate. Strawberries. Champagne. Abita purple haze or strawberry beer. Scotch but nothing too peaty/smoky. Dried apricots. After a meal of cooked fish or sushi. Poultry. PLEASE send a special shout out to @Zinoplatinumcigars for sharing this beautiful Zino Platinum Cigars smoke and please log into spirited smoke to rate this experience. We will pick a rating at random and give away a 10 pack of these Zino Platinum Cigars !! That’s over a $120 value. PEACE!! Brian

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  1. Ian White (verified owner)

    Every once in a while you find a cigar that floors you with how good it is. This is one of those cigars. From it’s velvety feel to it’s earthy forest floor aroma to the smoking experience it was pure delight. So complex, so so complex with something new to offer on every draw. I got everything from saline Cuban hints to rare aromatic woods; it was a journey of the senses. I can honestly say that if I could one cigar for the rest of my life, this would be it! I’ve paid heaps more cash for a lot less than this!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Privada4Life

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