Color Series Black And Yellow Aged 3.5 Years


6 1/2×47

Believe it or not, this is the first Nicaraguan cigar in the Color Series.  This entire industry hates us, you do know that right?  Even if there was no cease-and-desist from the puppet company, we would still either have been forced to change the branding or risk taking the fight to the titans of our industry head on.  I have no problem doing that because most of them have become  so complacent that they have no fight left in them and their arguments are purely about us disrupting their quiet gold mine of making very mediocre cigars while attaching high price tags to them.  But it is what it is.  This character would have begun with a B.  It is a Nicaraguan Puro.  It is 3.5 years aged.  It is factory aged, so it still has some very distinct flavors and is very satisfying on the palate.  I’m excited to share this with you all.  It was once a popular brand, and while it still gets love, this cigar was a part of a limited edition they released that came and went based on a certain time of year.  It was made by AJ Fernandez, but not for a brand with his name on it.  Originally this cigar retailed for $16.  I’m proud to be able to offer you another aged gem as part of the Colors Series AKA No Puppets Allowed!  All Tobaccos used in this Nicaraguan Puro were grown at AJ’s farm in Esteli, Nicaragua.

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Body: Natural cocoa butter.
Foot: Red, rich, tobacco and rice wine vinegar.
Cold Draw: Cocoa butter, hazelnut, chocolate.

Tasting Notes: Whoa… the first third is incredible!  It starts with rich cocoa and cocoa butter, hazelnut, vanilla extract, fresh-cut cedar, chocolate, dried thyme, and slight black pepper.  It gives a creamy, rich smoke.  The retrohale is bread crust, black pepper, cream, and dried herbs… reminds me of an herb crusted bread with thyme, and slight cocoa butter.  Towards the end of the first third, cumin enters, and the black pepper turns to red pepper.  Coming into the second third, there’s more red pepper, and a much sweeter notes emerge too: chocolate flavoring, cream, rich cocoa.  There are also hints of sweet/tart flavors: dried apples and mangos as well as a freeze-dried raspberry tang.  The final third brings sweet cedar, red pepper on the retrohale, cream, and cayenne on the finish.  There are also hints of herbs, like sweet oregano, and more dried fruits.  The final few puffs finish with a slight espresso.

Pairing Notes: Red birch beer.  Rum.  Nutella.  Goobers.  Brownies.  Focaccia bread.  Italian food.  Red pepper flakes.  Pizza.

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