The Privada Red Aged 6 years

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Tasting Notes: The body is dried peach and barnyard. The foot is natural tobacco, hay, and cocoa. The cold draw is more dried fruit and cayenne pepper. The first third starts with cocoa, black tea, floral, dank cedar, and red pepper. There are bitter chocolate and sweet creamy smoke. There is a fake banana note I get that makes me think of banana Laffy Taffy which plays into the name. Cocoa powder, sweet cream, minerals, and woods. There is also a very distinct black iced tea note I get throughout the cigar. I get notes of dried fruits, and herbs like rosemary and tea leaves. The second third starts out with dank cedar, black tea, white pepper, and creamy smoke. It’s beginning to get hard to pinpoint flavors because of this. They are melding together nicely and a lot faster than most cigars. We see some bread notes, like pumpernickel, peanuts, cedar, less dank than before with hints of cocoa, dried currants, and raisins. In the final third, the retrohale becomes a bit ashy. The berry flavors keep changing. The finish is now leaving pepper on my palate. The mouthfeel reminds me of warm apple pie and cinnamon. Prune, cedar, teas, and then a splash of vanilla thrown in from time to time make this thing a small killer! I also got charred woods in the end… what a well-balanced stick.

Pairing Notes: Have black tea and honey an hour beforehand or with this cigar. Or have black iced tea. Try dried berries beforehand or during. Chocolate covered cherries. Porter or stout beers. Ardbeg for a smokier experience. Dalmore 12 scotch. Whipped cream. Vanilla ice cream. Frappuccino with whipped cream! Semi-sweet chocolate nibs. Caramel. Dried peaches or apricots.

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If you are looking for something dank and juicy, sweet and succulent, that tastes like nothing else, this is the cigar for you. It is not a pepper bomb but the flavors are powerful. This comes from a blender in the Dominican Republic who is known for being wild and crazy. He is passionate about what he does and he does not fuck around. Tough to do business with as well. I’ve heard stories of this guy making physical threats lol. For me, as a writer, I gotta be honest, I don’t condone violence but I do love a good character. So this blender and a businessman start making cigars and EVERYONE goes nuts for them. All 90+ ratings on reviews. Only the cool kids have them and they flaunt them on social media. And then one day, nothing. Radio silence. When I first started the club I tried to pursue this brand with no luck. Yet here we are, 3 years later, and we got them, just not in a traditional way. The brand is over, the business partnership has gone awry. And this little red guy is yours to take home, take pictures of, piss all your non-Privada member friends off with, and enjoy!

10 reviews for The Privada Red Aged 6 years

  1. Jeffrey Hrubes (verified owner)

    Primo stick rite here people , I’m actually suprised there’s still some left !!

  2. Jessica Santana (verified owner)

    I initially purchased 2 sticks smoked one… Came back to the site and brought 10 more. Pretty good stick.

  3. Joshua Royal (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the one that came in the monthly box, so I ordered 5 more. Nice entry level cigar into the more robust flavors if your into that kind of thing.

  4. ChefJohnie Nicholson (verified owner)

    Very nice, good notes of dark Rich tobacco. Nice way to start your night of smoking..

  5. ChefJohnie Nicholson (verified owner)

    pumpernickel, lol, I got it but you have to retro after letting the smoke linger in your mouth for a second or two love how Brian finds these notes the guy is just the best..

  6. Ryan Cameron (verified owner)

    Great stick and a cool, fun band. Roasted coffee, chocolate, dried fruits, and a salty peanut is what I taste (aside from typical, cedar, slight leather, and pepper). Clouds of creamy smoke. Really enjoyed it.

  7. Fernando Hernandez (verified owner)

    If you’re trying to expand and enhance your palette then this is the cigar to do it with! Get past the apparent creamy espresso and white pepper retro. Try hard to pick up loose leaf black tea, dried mango, and raisins. A truly phenomenal smoke

  8. Ryan Cameron (verified owner)

    Had this a second time now and its even better than before. Upped my rating from 4* to 5*. Just ordered a few more

  9. Sean Medlock (verified owner)

    First try and I wasn’t blown away but it was good. Second try and it only seems to have gotten better.

    A good anytime cigar

  10. Roman Snell (verified owner)

    Was surprised how good this stick was! Nice rich cigar, lots going on with this one. Bought one just to try and buying another 10. Liked it that much.

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