Puritos by Noel Rojas

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Finally, a way to better explore cigar tobacco. Learn the flavors of each individual leaves to step your palate game up. This is a perfect experience for those that want a quick and delicious smoke but also want to learn at the same time. Each purito is packaged together to make a 3 pack. Condega, Jalapa and Peru. This is all I have been smoking lately. There is just something enjoyable about tasting the leaf alone. It makes you wonder if all the blending is totally necessary. #weareprivada

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9 reviews for Puritos by Noel Rojas

  1. Omar Balderas (verified owner)

    Got my shipment in yesterday, and all i can say is, i would smoke ANY one of these alone, any given day of the week. These were absolutely phenomenal. Ill will for sure order some more. #weareprivada

  2. Jason Ylizarde (verified owner)

    Incredible concept that is not necessarily new for growers, but new for the consumer. I just tried my Jalapa yesterday (was awesome and yet familiar), and will fire up the Peru today. For the first time, I can now associate a specific body/strength/flavor profile with a specific tobacco…these are a must buy!!!

  3. Jimmy Dougherty (verified owner)

    Loved the Jalapa. So smooth and creamy. Peru was my next favorite. A bit peppery, almost reminds me of a Rye Whiskey. I liked the Condega but not as fond of it as the others. Now I know the flavor profiles that I like individually. I wonder though that when you mix flavors, does it negate a bad flavor in tobacco you may not be fond of? Sometimes when you cook and mix ingredients, an ingredient that may have been overwhelming on it’s own can add nuance to a dish and yet not overwhelm the dish once it is combined. Is it the same for tabaccos?

  4. Bil Jeschke (verified owner)

    Got these in last week and smoked them with my wife while the weather has been nice enough to sit outside. We started with the Jalapa which my wife liked. It has a good medium flavor and was not too strong. I enjoyed the inhale of the Jalapa, but it left a bitter aftertaste on my tongue on the exhale that made me want to spit or drink. Good thing I had water, but it did not do a good job of washing the taste away.

    Next night we smoked the Condega. We both found this to be smooth on the inhale and exhale, but the flavor was so light that there was not much to it. She was a bit disappointed in the lack of flavor more then I was. The Condege alone just seems to be missing something for us, but if a light cigar is to your liking then you will love this.

    Last night we smoked the Peru, and we both liked these. Of the 3 this was the best for us. A smooth smoke with some earthy flavors and no bitterness. These smoked well all the way with just a touch of bitterness at the end as it is getting too small to hold. I was sad when it was gone.

  5. Alfred Humphreys (verified owner)

    I think these Puro’s are awesome the flavours take me back to when I smoked cheroots as a teenager 45 years ago. They disappeared from the stores and I have never tasted anything similar till now. Great memories.

  6. NOMARGINS (verified owner)

    These Cigars look so unique, when I pulled them out of this white paper wrap that look like a donut stick would come in, my mouth just dropped. Those will be a treat to smoke reading everybody’s reviews I’ll have to set these aside for a good day👍🏼👍🏼… I’ll be looking for these back in stock🙌

  7. Roger Mook (verified owner)

    What a rare experience. This is exactly how blenders seek and sample desired flavors of binders, fillers and wrappers. This isn’t for the closed minded. This for the Real Cigar Fanatic.
    Thank you #weareprivada.

  8. Trevor Matifes (verified owner)

    Fun smoke. Loved the Peru. Will continue to pick these up.

  9. Brennan Huard (verified owner)

    Great experience, highly recomend smoking the three at once to compare and contrast. Do not expect any transitions or deep complexity, just pure examples of traditional flavors from these regions.

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