Southern Draw Connecticut Shade Privada Cigar Club 2020 Exclusive Aged 1 year

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Robert and Sharon Holt, diligently worked with AJ Fernandez to produce the cigar you are now holding. About 12 months ago to date this cigar was finished. Because Robert is such a perfectionist he wanted the cigar to rest. I walked into El Titan De Bronze one day and who greets me at the door? Robert Holt. A veteran of the armed forces, a proud American and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Robert has a big presence. You can tell he has seen a lot in his time and that he is most likely the best version of himself he has ever been. He got into cigars working for Verizon in South and Central America where he installed cell towers. He would hang with locals which eventually got him into local rituals of smoking a cigar after dinner. From there he was hooked. From what I understand he had a lot of money in the market during the 2008 crash. This was not a fun time for anyone. When posed with the question of what the next chapter of his life would be he chose cigars. I think I can speak for most of us in saying Southern Draw is possibly the best addition to boutique cigars we have seen in the past few years. That’s what makes this so special. I asked them to make this for us about 15 months ago. I thought it was a long shot because they do not typically do this sort of thing but they love Privada members so much for all the social media love you give them, that they happily agreed. So here we are. Our own Southern Draw exclusive. Not too shabby! There are actually two different releases. We have about 4,000 of each. We are giving some members the Connecticut Shade and some members the Habano. Thankfully we have enough left over to put in the shop on our website. So if you want to try the other blend, it won’t be a problem. The Churchill is a favorite size of most cigar connoisseurs so we thought why not? The blends are undisclosed except for the wrappers of course. Robert told me he likes this blend better than the Rose of Sharon!

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Tasting Notes: On the body, I smell dried apricot, pear and peaches.  On the foot, dried peaches and nuttiness.  The cold draw has lemon iced tea, pepper and wood.  Instead of cutting this cigar, I used the back of a matchstick to poke a hole in the cap. As soon as I light thisI notice a fizzy carbonated texture to the smoke. There is white pepper, honeycomb cereal notes, Spanish cedar and dried fruits. I also get notes of cocoa and brandy with some toffee as well. Further in some leather gets added to this mix along with salted nuts and powdery sugar. In the 2nd third I get floral notes. Some almonds and honey along with sesame seed oil. The cereal thing is back and is similar to honey combs or special k. Still am reminded of powdered sugar and overall it’s very nice and toasty. The final 3rd makes way for some flavors of sweet mint tea, white pepper, Italian herbs, alonds, hay and honey with nuttiness still. The flavors all mend together in perfect balance. The smoke is creamy and buttery. Rosemary parmesan bread comes to mind. WOW. What a great sick. I machine this being the best darn golf cigar around. Pairing Notes: Root beer. Coffee of any kind. After breakfast or deserts. After a fried chicken dinner. With a chilled hard lemonade. After vanilla or chocolate pudding. With buttered toast. With porter or stout beer. With Thai iced tea! With floral teas and honey. With cognac or a low proof bourbon. PLEASE shout out @sdcigars on instagram heavy! The more love we give the more love we receive! #weareprivada

4 reviews for Southern Draw Connecticut Shade Privada Cigar Club 2020 Exclusive Aged 1 year

  1. Jason Hagen (verified owner)

    A terrific churchill. Perfect draw and burn with balanced light flavors that are never tiresome. Medium bodied.

  2. oldtrout58 (verified owner)

    I love this cigar. Perfect construction, razor sharp burn line(I smoke outside, many great cigars I love have issues when smoking them in the real world”), t
    the draw is on point, and oh so smooth, thank you Privada Club.

  3. MOHAMAD SEYEDI (verified owner)

    I love it. The gentlemen above could not have said it better. Plus the description is on point. Thank you wish there was a box option. It will be my Sunday morning treat.

  4. Andrew Reynolds (verified owner)

    On light up the cigar has a perfect draw. The initial tastes are of black pepper and spice. The wrapper has a sweet note to it that makes the spice a cinnamon taste. I’m getting lots of woody cedar notes on the finish. I’m left with a saltiness on my lips that just serves to amplify the flavour.
    I’m 15 minutes in and a very sweet Flavour has come through. It’s like a dusting on top of a cake. I’m still in the 1st third and I got a caramel note that has quickly transformed into a toffee flavour. I’m struggling to keep up with all these flavours!

    The flavour shifts have slowed down in the 2nd third. The predominant flavour is caramel and I’m getting a wheat on the finish, like a cereal. The sweetness has died right down.
    The end of the 2nd third introduces a cotton candy flavour. It’s not sweet but it’s definitely there.

    The final third is very smooth. The flavour notes I’m getting are coffee and cream.

    This is an incredible cigar!

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