The Experience everyone is talking about:

World famous Privada Cigar Club. Like a surprise birthday gift every month. Ask any of our members and they will tell you, the best day of each month is the day they receive their Privada box.

Members are treated to a curated selection of 3 rare, aged, limited edition or new and noteworthy cigars each month. Each box comes with a review of the cigars, pairing notes and tasting notes, all perfectly humidified in a Boveda certified pouch, ready to smoke.

And all for just $25.99 plus shipping!

We now ship to our #botl and #sotl worldwide!

A message from our founder!

Brian explains how the club was founded and what our members enjoy each month!

How It Works

Tell Us About You

Tell Us About You

Tell us about the recipient's taste and likes by taking the taste profile survey.


We Handpick Your Cigars

A Privada Cigar Club curator will hand select your pairing box.

monthly box

Open the Box & Enjoy

Your Box is shipped to your door each month ready to enjoy.

What We Send

You're gonna love it! Each month we hunt, gather, age and humidify all the rarest, and limited edition cigars we can find so you don't have to. You will receive some of the newest and noteworthy cigars on the market before your local stores and in sizes they won't have available. Like exclusive cigars? We have them! Like things they don't even make anymore? You'll get them. Each month is a trifecta of aged, rare and dead stock cigars that come with a write up you can read while smoking to help you pick out the tasting notes and pair with the right refreshments and foods. Best part about the club is that the more our membership grows, the more exclusive the content of our boxes will become. So it just keeps getting better. Finally- the gift that doesn't stop giving.

What's inside the box?


Derick Stewart
I’d just like to thank you guys for the awesome cigars! I can’t tell you how awesome the Dissident Bloc was. A month later I still think about the delicious flavors of that gem. The Flathead is my second favorite cigar of all time! Thank you thank you thank you I'm a member 4 life!
Alex Bjorkman
I love your cigars and want to increase my subscription to 3 monthly boxes. How do I make it so?
James Simons
Thank you for this mysterious cigar in this months pack. You and the club continually surprise me. For an 18 year cigar lover, yours is the only (cigar of the month) club I have ever joined - best decision ever!

100% Discovery Guarantee

We pride ourselves on understanding what you’ll love in a cigar. That’s why every Privada Cigar Club Membership includes our Discovery Guarantee.