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50 reviews for DO NOT BUY THIS

  1. John Hill (verified owner)

    I bought it ?‍♂️

  2. Cory Conrad (verified owner)

    I also said I had $10 to burn on whatever this was. It’s a surprise to say the least

  3. Joey Lopez (verified owner)

    Awesome surprise. I’m buying again.

  4. Henry Mitchell (verified owner)

    I did it, and I’m gonna do it again. Try and stop me. Ish was?

  5. Jc Chaul (verified owner)

    Brian does it again with an amazing surprise

  6. Ernie Bustamante (verified owner)

    Ok, at $5.00 what do you have to lose? Brian never disappoints so I am looking forward to what this is.

  7. Cody Monks (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the 5 bucks. Twice that even. Take the dive and enjoy the thrill of opening a surprise!

  8. dannylicciardello (verified owner)

    I have bought this at least twice so far and I was happy both times!! Brian is amazing!

  9. Ian White (verified owner)

    I bought it and I was ecstatically happy with the outcome. Brian is a genius.

  10. Ben Altomari (verified owner)

    Bought 2x $8.50 – one of which was in rough shape but would try it again. Agree with the fact that this was an awesome idea from Brian.

  11. Shawn Arbuckle (verified owner)

    Fun game as you never know what your are going to get !!!! Always worth a few dollars more then you pay !!!!! You Should definitely buy this !!!!!

  12. Christopher Ashley (verified owner)

    I bought the $6.5 version and it was utterly delicious. No idea what the hell it was but I’d gladly buy it again

  13. joserivjr91 (verified owner)

    What a amazing outcome! Definitely going to subscribe to this one.

  14. Steve Cunha (verified owner)

    Glad I bought…fantastic surprise!

  15. William Jeschke (verified owner)

    Bought and now that it is back in stock will have to get it again. Quite the surprise and worth the money.

  16. Apolinar Franco (verified owner)

    Honestly I was super happy with this purchase.

  17. Christopher Hackbarth (verified owner)

    Don’t tell me what to do!
    But seriously thank you Brian for some awesome cigars!

  18. Anthony Imagie-Douglas (verified owner)

    Bought this in November. Great value. You get more than you pay for. Reordered again as soon as it was available again.

  19. David Kennedy (verified owner)

    Bought this and gals I did. I loved the surprise. The gars I received, I was actually contemplating on buying. Glad I got this.

  20. Mario Castro (verified owner)

    Was never good at following instructions or directions.

  21. Okiiashi (verified owner)

    Bought the $11.50 cause I like surprises from A to Z .

  22. Bil Jeschke (verified owner)

    Bought it again. OH MAN THAT IS AMAZING!!!
    Buying some more!

  23. RICARDO DIAZ (verified owner)

    I was so disappointed I’m thinking of ordering a few more just in case. LOL!!!

  24. Curtis Deror (verified owner)

    I bought it. Nobody tells me what to do! 🤣

  25. Steve Ross (verified owner)


  26. J.R. (verified owner)


  27. RJ Clabots (verified owner)

    I did and I’m gonna do it again..

  28. Ryan Cameron (verified owner)

    Do not buy this is a solid offering, and I will buy this again, and again

  29. Nate McCann (verified owner)

    Definitely worth it! I like surprises. Sometimes you want something new and you just can’t choose. Let the club choose a nice surprise for you! The money spent is less than what the stick/s is/are worth.

  30. John F. Smith (verified owner)

    WOW! I got 3 of the $11.50 ones and have no idea what they are, but wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. It’s definitely something a level up. Mine came with no band or note, but you could tell by the construction, they are high end. I’m typing this as I’m enjoying the last third of this amazing stick. I still have 2 happy unknowns to look forward to.

  31. Lionel Brooks (verified owner)

    Amazing cigar…smooth and flavourful. Had this midday after lunch sitting in my garden with my laptop. Amazing smoke….I’ll deffo be buying this again 🔥🔥🔥

  32. Chris Reaves (verified owner)

    I bought it, bought another, then bought 2 more…always something different, never know what you’ll get, but have not been disappointed.

  33. Robert Looney (verified owner)

    Awesome little surprise. Keep up the fantastic work Brian.

  34. dustin hammel (verified owner)

    The holidays came a little early with this. Love it and will be ordering again. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

  35. Elliott Anderson (verified owner)

    Very good smoke will be gettin more

  36. Stephen Banks (verified owner)

    PLEASE 🙏🏾 DON’T BUY THIS!! So I can buy them all!! 😉😍

  37. Derek Clark (verified owner)

    I DID NOT BUY THIS (make sure the Illuminati alien mind control chips hear me so they know I left the tag on my mattress)

  38. Manuel Campos (verified owner)

    I’ve done this once and I’m doing it again! You can’t tell me what to do Privada haha! Always a banger

  39. Manuel Campos (verified owner)

    I’ve done this once and I’m doing it again! You can’t tell me what to do Privada haha! Always a banger

  40. Averagecajunguy (verified owner)

    Every time I’ve ordered this I get mad…..because I should’ve ordered more. I’ve got a 5 high end sticks, mystery blends, you name it. It’s a fun idea for 8.50. Might subscribe or just buy outright

  41. ikostick (verified owner)

    A fun suprise, will for sure try this again…

  42. Derek Clark (verified owner)

    I do not buy them. I subscribe to them ✊

  43. DavidZ (verified owner)

    Big thank you to Brian for this cigar deal!

  44. Lee Teets (verified owner)

    This was an awesome surprise!!!

  45. Sleazus Cripes (verified owner)

    10 stars if I could. Excellent surprise! I will not not buy this again.

  46. Sleazus Cripes (verified owner)

    10 stars if I could. Excellent surprise! I will not not buy this again.

  47. Davis Straub (verified owner)

    Great surprise! Never heard of the cigars I got, but they were excellent!

  48. Thomas Yates (verified owner)

    I took a gamble. Not sure why since I’m not really a gambling man. After looking into the history of what I got, Im shocked it was at this price point. Guess I’ll gamble more often.

  49. Jamie Duncan (verified owner)

    I took the gamble and i will again great stick

  50. David Johnson (verified owner)

    So back in 2019 I was involved in a few very heated disagreements with ISIS while I was in Iraq. So after that I decided to start living life on the edge. This was one of those moments. To save everyone money, DO NOT BUY THIS. I’ll save everyone the time and I’ll purchase them to sacrifice myself once again for the people. 😏

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