Privada Box (The First RARE Cigar of the Month Club)

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From: $28.99 / month

Welcome to the Cigar of the Month Club that changed it all. Rare, Limited, Aged. This is the summit for all cigar smokers that care about cigars, the people who make them and the experience each cigar can offer. Each month we turn to the best cigar master blenders in our industry to source us their rarest tobacco and cigars. The hardest to find, the most limited and the most aged. We then curate the 3 cigars that stand out the most, review them and pair them and tell the story of how those cigars came to be and even get you personal info on the cigar blenders who made them and why. Tasting notes, pairing notes and stories included. This is every cigar smokers best cigar experience monthly.


3 Month to 1 Year Subscriptions will charge monthly for shipping only.

Ask any Privada member what the best day of the month is and they will tell you it is the day their Privada sub arrives at their doorstep!

Be sure to check out Farm Rolled and Brian’s Box, both of which are accepting new members.


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46 reviews for Privada Box (The First RARE Cigar of the Month Club)

  1. wog.brokor (verified owner)

    Excellent packaging, fantastic cigars, friendly communication. There’s really nothing better. I like receiving rare and hard to find cigars, but I am also pleasantly surprised to sometimes find a cigar I’ve never heard of before.

  2. sallychou111 (verified owner)

    RECEIVED my very first box, love it very much。

  3. jbates0012 (verified owner)

    Just received my first box, and it exceeded my expectations. I made the mistake of trying a different cigar club last month, cough “cigar”, but decided I was missing out on the privada club. Good thing I switched for a better experience. The box was well worth it, and a overall great experience.

  4. cigars007 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love belonging to this club!!! I look forward every month to the offerings sent to me. It is honestly a wonderful feeling to open the package to see what’s inside. My wife says that I am as giddy as a child during Christmas when I see that box has arrived! This is an AWESOME club that should not be passed up! Do yourself a favor and join while you can!

  5. Philip Strother (verified owner)

    Just received my first box and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so glad I joined Privada.

  6. Michael Hall (verified owner)

    Not only are the cigars TOP NOTCH, but the service is incredible. You feel like an old friend is cigar shopping for you, picking out the best stuff, and any problems with a cigar are promptly rectified. That and the brotherhood/sisterhood going on if you also join Spirited Smoke is absolutely amazing. Don’t think, CLICK!!!

  7. Randy Trowbridge (verified owner)

    Hands down the best! From the packaging to the community that it has formed. It very much is like Christmas when that shipment email goes out. Thank You Bro for what you have created. Definitely a must for any cigar lover.

  8. Wyatt Barker (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing Cigar of the Month Club. Aged, limited, rare, out of production, international cigars you’ll never get your hands on. I have been a proud member for eight months now and I am not going to stop being one anytime soon. Thank you Brian!

  9. JONATHAN DOMINGO (verified owner)

    Wish I could get another box for gift to my brother.

  10. Geronimo Olvera (verified owner)

    I really love this club!!!

  11. William Perrine (verified owner)

    I’ll have been a member of Privada Cigar Club since June 2019 and I have not regretted joining. The cigars I have enjoyed through the months have been interesting and terrific. Many I don’t think I would have ever experienced if I had not joined. Not your average cigar club!

  12. KEN ROBERTS (verified owner)

    This Club is about so much more than merely receiving three truly special cigars for so little money every month: It’s about the entire experience of belonging to this cigar family! (And be sure to join the Membership’s Facebook Group too!!) But here’s all you need to know: Membership is limited, and as I understand it, only relatively few slots remain. That says it all! I hope you get to join the rest of us on The Good Ship Privada!! If so, Welcome Aboard, Friend!!

  13. jeff starr (verified owner)

    Ditto what all the reviewers are saying above!!! SOOOO look forward to my cardboard box after the email says they’re on the way! Really looking forward to smoking my Zino best ever stick. Glad I got it when I did, I see they are sold out now.How does one go about finding another Padilla Vintage Reserve from the monthly subscription few months back? Don’t see it on the merch page. Had a little incident with it and lets just say I’m looking for another!!! Thanks Brian for 20% also on my last order.

  14. Danzel Gaminde (verified owner)

    Got my first box and I gotta say, its definitely a wonderful treat for yourself every month. I’m from Canada and still choose Privada over any brick & mortar.

  15. Samuel Blekhman (verified owner)

    Thank you, Brian, for everything you do for us!

  16. Christopher Damone (verified owner)

    I have to say, I was a little skeptical when I first signed up but decided to give a try. Just got my Into Box a couple of days ago. The second I lit The Good Life stick I was hooked. I had to ordered a couple more those. If this is a sign of things to come I can not wait for that next box to be at my door.

  17. Gerard Smith (verified owner)

    Best decision I ever made joining privada cigar club. The best quality cigars I ever had and knowing that I am part of a family makes it more amazing. #Wearefamily

  18. Christopher Donelson (verified owner)

    Awesome club, awesome Cigars. Brian is an awesome guy, him and his staff are excellent! If you ever have a question they get back to you right away. no problems with the packaging or shipping it’s great. ready to smoke. Great notes awesome suggestions for pairings what more could you ask for?

  19. Cory Center (verified owner)

    During Covid I got rid of a lot of subscriptions but this was not one of them. I kept this amazing subscription because it’s never disappointed me. Every month I look forward to getting these rare cigars! Thanks Privada!

  20. Chris Horry (verified owner)

    Awesome club and great community, get yourself on the waiting list and you will not be disappointed!

  21. Keaton Goar (verified owner)

    Best cigar club I’ve tried. Love the monthly write-ups, it is a nice touch to be able to learn a thing or two about what you are about to smoke. Premium smokes at a great price!

  22. Michael Stevens (verified owner)

    does this even need reviews? The dopest dope I’ve ever smoked. Period.

  23. Mark McNeil (verified owner)

    Received my first box. Great cigars. The Sinistro was particularly good

  24. Helder Rosa (verified owner)

    Only good stuff… and the perfect staff…

  25. Sean Medlock (verified owner)

    Join. Join now. If the option is on the site, don’t blink, don’t wipe, just JOIN!

    Best money spent in the cigar game.

  26. Zachary Sciuto (verified owner)

    Have been receiving the monthly box for the past four months or so. VERY pleased with what comes in the mail. Quality cigars that are very enjoyable, every time. Privada Club is a supreme organization for the cigar smoking connoisseur. Enjoy the smoke!

  27. Okiiashi (verified owner)

    Best decision I ever made was joining the Privada Cigar Club. Join the waitlist on this and get the next opening!
    I have received some of the most unique cigars delivered right to my doorstep. Nothing like chilling with your bros and lighting up one of these bad boys and they are going to ask you ” WHAT IS THAT?!?! I want one of those!!!” #WeArePrivada

  28. SansSin (verified owner)

    this subscription service is the worst. its so bad that i’ve only been part of the club for 2 years now and it has spoiled me and my expectations for a good cigar. thanks for turning me into a spoiled princess that can only smoke rare aged cigars 👸🤣

    fr tho, i have yet to receive a disappointing box in the last 2 years, my privada cigars have their own esteemed cherished drawers in my wineador

  29. Ken Horton (verified owner)

    Been a member for over a year. I get the club shipment along with the corresponding Farm Rolled box. I’ve never been disappointed. Went to my local B & M today to pick up the BBQ Pig. Looking forward to smoking it tonight while watching on YouTube with Brian and the gang.

  30. CEDRIC ORR (verified owner)

    WOW!!!!! enough said. It’s so wonderful to be in the Privada Club and receive such awesome cigars to enjoy each month. Keep doing what your doing Brian and the crew!

  31. Gregory Myers (verified owner)

    The May 2021 box was my first and wow was I ever glad I joined this club. I will look forward to my new box of smokey treats every month. Thanks for creating this amazing club and hopefully things will only get better from here!

  32. Kenneth Lesniak (verified owner)

    Just received my second monthly packet and all three cigars were surpurb.Also love all the info and background that comes with the packet.Just starting watching the podcasts and I am really impressed.Thanks privada.Money well spent.

  33. Krystal Nolan (verified owner)

    I have been smoking cigars for 20+ years. The monthly box introduces me to great cigars every month, I’ve only had one cigar I didn’t really care for. Rarity for me. I look forward to what Brian and crew curate from month to month. Exclusive smokes, great prices. Super pleased with everything!! Thanks!!

  34. Matthew Capiro (verified owner)

    Best club in the world! Been a part of the family for a few a years & keeps on getting better! This months box was amazing, loved the Classique! Missed the old gems & Brian brought em back! Delightful treats lie within #weareprivada #wearetheindustry

  35. Tyler Cubitt (verified owner)

    VIP Cigars. Top Quality A+

  36. Paul Hetrick (verified owner)

    Wow. This subscription is amazing. For a guy like me I’ve never had cigars like this. It’s the cream of the crop. Bangers every month. Brian with the grand slam of cigar subscriptions. I’m hooked

  37. Steven Block (verified owner)

    If you get the chance to join, just pull the trigger. Nuff said

  38. Hunter Dye (verified owner)

    Excellent choice for newbies and veterans alike

  39. Jack Raimondi (verified owner)

    Been a member for 3 years, best cigar club ever! Thanks Brian for all you do!

  40. Jack Raimondi (verified owner)

    Been a member for 3 years, best cigar club ever! Thanks Brian for all you do!

  41. Jack Raimondi (verified owner)

    A plus selections! Brian Rocks!

  42. Jason Murphy (verified owner)

    Most of the cigars I have issues with being unable to smoke come from the monthly box or the LCA. I can’t tell you how many cigars from each I’ve thrown away. Even when kept in the bag they come in or dropping humidity down to 62-65% they just won’t smoke. I keep my subscription just for the fomo. I stopped buying LCA releases also. Other cigars stored in same conditions smoke perfectly fine.

  43. ikostick (verified owner)

    Privada monthly subscription is well worth the price. Excellent customer service and support. The cigars offered are interesting and of high quality. Aside from the club box, I buy all of my cigars from Privada. They offer timely shipping, some rare and mainstream labels. My only complaint would be that it’s not as much fun to visit a local shop, because the selection from Privada is superior.

  44. ikostick (verified owner)

    Privada monthly subscription is well worth the price. Excellent customer service and support. The cigars offered are interesting and of high quality. Aside from the club box, I buy all of my cigars from Privada. They offer timely shipping, some rare and mainstream labels. My only complaint would be that it’s not as much fun to visit a local shop, because the selection from Privada is superior.

  45. Steven Biggs (verified owner)

    First off Whoa! This was my first CoTM Club. I was honestly wasn’t expecting much. I smoked the first one today (the one I thought I would like the least) and I believe I found a top ten stick! I can’t wait until they are available and my next box. Best deal in the cigar world, would have NEVER have found these any other way. Thank you!

  46. Sleazus Cripes (verified owner)

    Excellent curated surprises each month. I can’t believe I waited so long to join. Some of the best cigars I’ve ever had, hands down. The customer service is easily the best in the biz, to boot. Love being a part of this family/community. You will, too!

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